Thursday, December 22, 2011

(Insert a witty title here)

Not unlike many this time of year, I was reflecting over what 2011 has brought for me, my business, my family. My initial reaction was that yes, I had quite a lot to be proud of on a personal level (I sent my only child off to college 3000 miles from me, I quit smoking, and am simultaneously determined to lose weight), but as far as my business goes, nothing earth shaking happened this past year.

But wait, that's not right. This was a huge year for me! This is the year that Camera Ready Cosmetics started carrying Diamond Perfect Finish. It was this year that I found out that people know me and my products. People in the business. People with klout. People I've never met. People I idolize. All sorts of people! I'd have to call 2011 the Year of Unexpected Flattery:
  • Celebrity makeup artist Victoria Stiles groomed Joe Biden in my products for an article that appeared in People Magazine;
  • Emmy award winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett has Diamond Perfect Finish listed on his "go to" list for industry professionals, In My Kit;
  • I met the always entertaining Maxi at The Makeup Show, ran into him at IMATS a few months later, where he insisted on buying more Diamond Perfect Finish;
  • I was approached by people left and right during IMATS asking where my booth was (although I wasn't exhibiting) because they wanted to buy my products;
  • Though it may not seem big to you, even little things like James Vincent tweeting it's odd to see me without Koren was incredibly flattering. I always thought he faked that he knew me!

This stuff sneaks up on you, ya know? Looking back, this has really been a pretty dang spectaculous year!


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