Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hey, Remember Me?

OK, I've never been the best at blogging frequently, but this has to be the longest hiatus I've ever taken. Faced with my daughter moving to start college in Boston, we spent most of our summer doing a "bucket list" of things she wanted to do before she left for school - from favorite restaurants to just going for a hike.

Always an independent kid, we expected her move to Boston to not be a biggie - to her, not to us - but we were waaaay off base. The same kid who went to sleepaway camp at nine years old knowing no one was texting me that she wanted to come home less than 24 hours from our arrival. So... expecting that when I returned as an empty nester I'd have too much time on my hands, I found instead my heart breaking and spending hours a day trying to glue my most precious daughter back together. She's now been gone just shy of a month, and starting to get into the swing of things. Not that it's all smooth sailing now, but she's finally having more good days than bad. So that kind of explains why I've been MIA for so long - not only on the blog, but Twitter, Facebook (don't like the last round of changes, & dreading the next, btw) - you name it.

I did make a video for Jamie though. Something to remind her that she's silly & goofy, fun loving, easily makes friends, and even though she's 3,000 miles from home, we're right there with her every moment.

I don't know how people can put up videos on YouTube several times a week - that 3 minute slide show took me 9 hours!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. This is so sweet. Now I might have an idea how my mom felt when I left home almost 10 years ago. You made me cry


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