Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Actifirm: First Impressions

Recently, my good friend Felicia from ThisThatBeauty gave my name to the folks at Actifirm as being someone who may have some interest in trying their products. Felicia is all about skin care, and she knows that although I'm a kid at heart, my face is certainly not going along with the plan. I'm one of those who just can't bring themselves to do Botox (besides the fact that I'd need so much no single part of my face would move), and although I'm probably a good candidate for a face lift, I always think of those who opt for that method are well into their 60's or more.

Sandra took pity on my poor face and sent me several products to try: their Firming Mask, Renovation Eye Cream, and Decollete Firm. Comprised primarily of botanical extracts and natural ingredients, Actifirm has over 50 different products that have primarily been marketed to physicians and spas/estheticians, as well as being available on their website,

Although I immediately dug into all 3 products, today I'm writing about my initial impressions of their Firming Mask. Sandra, the ever helpful Marketing Director told me that one can expect to see the benefits after applying this mask for a couple of days. Similar in texture to pale green slime as it comes out of the bottle, it dries clear in 10 minutes or so. According to the product information, "ActiLift Firming Mask lifts, tightens and firms while also protecting, hydrating & nourishing your skin. A host of antioxidants help to protect & brighten your skin."

I completely misjudged just how little one needs to cover their entire face (think slightly larger than a pea), but that's ok, because I just used the excess on my neck. It has a very pleasant citrus smell, but not one that's overpowering at all. Once dried, it washes off very easily with warm water, and my face felt as smooth as a baby's bottom. I actually had a much easier time applying my makeup because my skin really was firmer. Because the application routine is so quick, and when dry it doesn't feel like your whole face will crack like a clay mask does, applying it every couple of days before I shower is no biggie at all. Which says a lot since I tend to procrastinate on those things that either a) take awhile to complete the entire routine; or b) turns my face green/gray/white/orange while drying, inevitably during when the UPS man comes.

ActFirm's ActiLift Firming Mask is available on their website here. A 4 ounce bottle normally is $58, but it's currently on sale for $49.30.

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  1. This was very helpful!! Just starting to look into the company and I want a great product line to work with!! Thanks!!


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