Monday, June 20, 2011

IMATS 2011 Bucket List

IMATS is almost here! I really regret not exhibiting this year, but potential scheduling problems kept me from being able to renew my booth a year in advance. Now it turns out that I would have had the dates free - bummer. On the positive side, at least this year I'll be able to shop the floor - last year, we were lucky to be able to squeeze in potty breaks. I try to justify missing the opportunity by wanting to see what the New York IMATS debut did to traffic in LA. I'm guessing not much. Even though the New York show sold out, I believe that the LA show only has a handful of tickets left for Sunday, and Saturday is full, so there certainly won't be a reduction in attendance!

Since I plan to take full advantage of shopping the completely full show floor (there isn't a single unsold booth left!), I've made my "bucket list" of must haves - many of which can only be seen and touched "live and in person" at shows unless I want to schlep 35 miles to the nearest pro makeup store. Here's my bucket list - what's on yours?

  • Parian Spirit - I absolutely LOVE their brush cleaner, and wash my shadow brushes daily in their glass container, and buy their wipes by the 100 since they're only at IMATS (see both in action here).

  • Cover FX - Heavy duty concealers that really cover my strawberry marks like no other product can. I plan to get their FX primer as I've been wanting to try it, and my local Sephora doesn't carry Cover FX (boo).

  • Glamcour - I've had my eye on their light kit ever since they debuted at the LA Makeup Show. Justification for my wallet for something I don't need: product photography, lol. I love their LED makeup studios, but I'm waiting for them to introduce just the LED countertop mirror.

  • Inglot - I practically lived at their booth during The Makeup Show trying to decide on shadow colors - too many to choose from! Now I want to check out their preset matte palettes.

  • Yaby - Another 40 pan palette I must see. Many of the Inglot shadows I did buy seem to not like to stay on my lids very long, regardless of what type of primer I use. Yaby is primarily a pro MUA company used for photography. Hopefully, that translates to not too much sparkle, meaning this old hag could probably wear them. And I'm really curious to see their pearl paints.

  • Myrabelle - Manufacturer of the most handy gizmo: a plastic wand/shield thingie you put between your lashes and eyes so that when you apply mascara, it stays only on your lashes and not on your lids. Perfect for klutzes like me!

  • Embryolisse - They're in the same booth I was in last year :) Though their Lait Creme (aka 24 Hour Miracle Creme) is their best selling product, it's a bit too heavy for me to use twice a day. But I do use it as my night cream, and love their lip balm. Their Essential Dry Skin balm is going into my hot little hands as well.

  • Miss Adoro - How can you pass up lashes for $1.50?

  • Beauty So Clean - Just because I'm not a pro makeup artist doesn't mean sanitizing your makeup isn't important. You can cross-contaminate just on yourself.

Actually, my shopping list is a wee bit longer, but I figured I've made a long enough list here. And I'm stealing my friend Crystal's idea of bringing wipes with me - you can walk out of there painted up and down both arms from swatching colors!

Will you be at IMATS? If so, look for me: I'll be there both days :)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Vacation Hours

I can't believe that it's almost time to send my beautiful baby off to college 3,000 miles away from home! For those of you who have missed all my "proud momma" posts on Facebook or Twitter throughout the ardous college application process, my daughter has been accepted into a very elite program at Boston University. She will be enrolled in a 6 year combined program from which she will emerge with both her B.S. in Athletic Training and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I couldn't be prouder if I tried!
In preparation for the next chapter of Jamie's life, we'll be attending BU orientation this week. The office will be closed from Tuesday, June 7th for the rest of the week. We will resume shipping again Monday, June 13th. I'll stop at the post office on the way to the airport, so all orders placed today will ship before we leave. If you order tomorrow or later, please have a little patience as we try to catch up on the incoming orders when I return.


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