Thursday, March 10, 2011

We're in People Magazine!!!

Do you recognize this VIP? Yes, that is the one and only Vice-President of the United States. Why am I so excited about an article on Joe Biden? Because the grooming for the photo shoot was done by makeup artist Victoria Stiles, who used our Skin Smoothing Foundation (he's a blend of Calif Blonde and Neutral Medium, if you were wondering) and Diamond Perfect Finish. Purely Cosmetics, worn on one of the most important people in the country, in one of the most read magazines in the country. Squeeeeeeeeee! If you haven't bought the March 21st issue of People, you can read the article online here.

In other exciting news...

  • I won a Bag of Crap off Woot yesterday. The last time I won one, my $8 bought me a picnic basket (the "bag"), poker chips, Barbie headphones, a Fact or Crap game, a refurbished MP3 player, and a car navigation system. Not a bad return for a $3 purchase plus the mandatory $5 shipping.
  • Today, my daughter was accepted to the University of Calgary - her current top choice for college. A couple of hours ago, she also found out that the University of British Columbia offered her a $5,000 scholarship.

Given the way today has gone, I just bought 5 lottery tickets :)


  1. Yay! That's so amazing - so many good things happening! :)

  2. You sure have some good luck came your way. Hope you win the lottery :)

  3. Congrats you're in People Magazine, I read the issue actually and I'm amazed! More power!

  4. Thats so exciting!!!!! congrats!!! :)


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