Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Theme Song for The Makeup Show LA: ♫ I Had The Time of My Life ♫

For years, I've been attending The Makeup Show, and after returning from this weekend's festivities, I really have to say that this year was the best one ever. I think I even came home on a bigger high than I did from exhibiting at IMATS, lol.

Though the show has always billed itself as more of a boutique pro-only show (imagine this: the line to pay at MUFE was no longer than 5 minutes), this year had a whole different, down to earth feel. The Powder Group hosted a pre-launch party the evening before the show to present an achievement award to Maurice Stein - not an "invite only" party, but a party for vendors, presenters, and anyone who purchased a show ticket. It gave me a chance to talk to vendors like Nancy and Pam from Beauty So Clean on a personal level (I gave quick Twitter tips, they gave me Canada tips for my daughter who is anxiously awaiting to hear from University of Calgary), and to talk to reknown artists. A little bit of wine in me, and I was talking to Victoria Stiles without blubbering as if I'm anywhere close to her level!

That same "all one happy family" approach was rampant even throughout both days of the show. No matter how busy people were, everyone was very approachable. Vendors (read: brand creators/owners) were more than happy to talk you about their lines, their reasons for creating, what's coming up - all like they've known you forever. Woijtek Inglot was asking my opinion of different malls in LA (contrary to popular opinion, they are not raising their prices in the US). David Klasfeld from OCC treated me like I was his BFF. I joked with Levi from TemptuPro about his stealing my Mayorship on Foursquare. My hat goes off to James Vincent & Michael DeVellis for putting on one heck of a show.

I of course, shopped til I dropped. Then I shopped some more. Enabler that I am, I convinced Crystal Stayer that she needed to buy an Inglot palette (I bought 2 palettes the first day, went back and bought another the second). I bought an airbrush system from OCC despite Koren and Pursebuzz's specific instructions that I am not allowed to leave the show as an owner of an airbrush. I can't wait to finish this post so that I can practice airbrushing on paper towels before I attempt to do my face. Then I can practice putting on false eye lashes since I bought those too after Koren applied individual lashes to me and it didn't look so weird on an old hag. Of course, they'll end up on my nose, knowing me ha ha. Oh - and here's Michael from jeune d’âge after getting his head airbrushed by Dina of Dinair:

I think the biggest highlights of the show wasn't even during show hours. We had an awesome dinner Saturday night with the Creme de la Creme in the beauty industry: Koren (EnkoreMakeup), Elessa (Pursebuzz), Victoria Stiles, Kat Aragon (she even offered up her hotel room for me to stay in if I didn't want to drive home!), Michael McRill (TheSublimeAgent), Elizabeth from Lash Royalty (she's gorgeous), and Grace Chun, just to name a few. I'll leave you with pics. I have some airbrushing to attempt!

(clockwise from left: Michael Lamb, me, Michael McRill, Koren Zander, Victoria Stiles)

(Victoria Stiles, Grace Chun, Elizabeth, Dave, Tracy, Kathy Aragon, Pursebuzz)


  1. I wish I would have went! Oh well next year...LOL Imats for sure in June, Hotel already booked and paid for. so Im going!! Great post, I am so glad you had a blast, you deserve it.

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