Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out of the Beauty Box - An Insider's View

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to help Koren (aka Enkore Makeup) and Elessa (aka Pursebuzz) with their first Out Of The Beauty Box tour in Los Angeles. I had a lot of fun, even if my sole purpose was to be the demonstration model for applying makeup to "Old Lady" skin, lol.

I spent a good deal of time tweeting about the class and sending lots of pictures to TwitPic, and was suprised at how many people were either unfamiliar with the Tour, or wondering whether the cost of the classes were worth it. Although I was only there for the Pro Class on bridal & editorial makeup, I can definately tell you that, yes, it is well worth the cost!

Let's back up a little, and let me tell you what the heck the Out of the Beauty Box tour is. Koren and Elessa have put together this two day tour across America that is unlike any other makeup classes you can take. A total of 4 different classes, the first day is devoted to us lay consumers who pretty much wing it when we apply our makeup, while the second day is geared towards a more professional makeup artist. Each day is divided into two independent sessions - you can choose to attend only one or either. For full descriptions of what's covered on what days, click here to be taken to the website.

Learning the color wheel

How does this differ from other classes offered by well known makeup artists, or at trade shows? Most importantly, to put this in school terms, think of this more like a lab, not a lecture. The classes are intimate, and limited in size. Unlike most classes, you're not sitting in a room with some guy and his model a gazillion feet away making her look gorgeous while you take notes and hope to remember 20% of the tricks by the time you get home. Koren & Elessa demonstrate and educate, then turn the class over to you to repeat what they just taught you on your partner.

Not only do you practice what has just been preached, but you're provided with all the tools necessary. These kits are mondo kits, alone worth the cost of the class. Each kit is class-specific. To see what's included in each kit, it's detailed on the O2B2 website here. I'm personally dying to take the airbrush class. Not only do I think airbrushing is cool, but it's really hard to properly learn how to apply makeup this way. Koren and I wandered into a Sephora, where they airbrushed me, and you could tell she was just spraying away without really knowing what she was doing. Dang, it was loaded on me! If I'm going to invest in one of these puppies, I need to learn to do it right. But wait, there's more!!! Completion of the O2B2 classes gets you coveted certification for companies such as Make Up Forever, MAC-Pro, Temptu Pro and on, and on... Not to mention that it's the golden card to get your into Pro only events like The Makeup Show.

The next class will be the first weekend of February in San Francisco. I'm hoping they need some old lady skin again up there, ha ha. The Chicago class will be hosted by my good friend Kathy from Fusion of Color, and yours truly will be hosting one in the Pasadena/Burbank area right around IMATS. I need to sell out on that one, so be sure to buy a ticket if you either live in the LA/Orange County area, or are coming out this way for IMATS.

For more information, see the tour schedule, or to buy tickets, visit the Out Of The Beauty Box website.


  1. I took the class and Koren gave me a one on one about applying concealor. I've been doing it wrong all this time. I'm gonna take the air brush class in Pasadena.

  2. Yay! Then I'll get to see you again there :)

  3. I think I'm def more advanced than the consumer class, but I'm not sure if I'm proficient enough for the editorial/bridal class. Any thoughts on that for women such as myself Robyn?
    I'm not in a position to come down and attend, so it's rather beside the point, but still...

  4. Hey darling!

    You would definately be able to survive the Pro Bridal class without worry. You've watched enough videos and certainly written enough reviews that you're past the basic class.


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