Friday, December 31, 2010

Please stand by: 2011 is Loading... ██████████████ 99% complete

I saw this status on Twitter - it was so funny, I had to use it as my title.

2010 has been an epic year for me. I watched my baby get ready to spread her wings and apply to colleges all over North America. I took a long overdue vacation with the fam to Costa Rica (if you want to read a really funny account of the trip, my husband wrote about the journey here), and I put on my "Big Girl Underpants" and exhibited at IMATS. It's been a year filled with joy, as well as a year with heartbreak. I've watch friends lose their parents or other loved ones, some lose themselves (temporarily, thank heavens), and many of us hit some pretty bumpy roads. But hey, isn't that what life's about?

While most of you get dressed all sparkly and pretty for the evening's festivities, my husband and I will do our usual couch potato thing. We like it that way. But I can't let the year pass without expressing my gratitude and appreciation for some very special people who have touched me with their magic over the year, lent me their ear, or provided me a shoulder when needed.

As always, the first and foremost person to whom I owe so much goes to my husband of 20-something years, Marc. His wit and staunch support of me through thick and thin keeps me grounded, focused, and happy.

From a business standpoint, the list is almost endless. I'll do my best to list everyone, so you might want to go get a drink first.

  • I would be NO WHERE without the support and help of two of my favorite You Tubers, Pursebuzz and EnKore. It was Koren's brilliant idea that I should show at IMATS, and both he and Elessa helped make sure everyone else knew of my presence while I soiled those big girl unnerpants in fear - only to end up doing better than my wildest dreams and selling out of product!
  • There are also no words to express my gratitude to Grace Chun, who has been my rock throughout the bulk of the year. She kept me tethered whenever I started to fly off into space from anxiety both while preparing and exhibiting at IMATS with that immutable calm she possess, spent endless hours reading 8,794,179 college essays for Jamie, and no matter what, always had a big smile on her face.
  • To my vendors, mainly Katie, Kaila, Dee and Jessica - thank you for putting up with me, my emergency shipments, and my special orders. One day, I hope to just have a traditional, normal order. But don't hold your breath waiting for it.
  • For the makeup artists who have supported my products and my business, a big kiss:
  • Melissa Street
  • Kevin James Bennett
  • Felicia Walker-Benson
  • Heather Wilson
  • Crystal Sawyer
  • Ren (aka MakeupbyRenRen)
  • Julie G (aka JulieG713)

  • There's almost too many bloggers to mention, but several that have become some of my best supporters, best customers, and best friends while each of us went through life's trials and tribulations over the year. I'd be remiss if I didn't give an extra special shout out to:
  • Jami (Bionic-Beauty)
  • Mo (A Year with Flat Daddy, Mythbuster Beauty)
  • Elke (Beauty Blog Network, The Model Brow)
  • Anastasia (Lipsticks & Lightsabers)
  • Alyson (Gloss Menagerie)
  • Nessa (Nessasary Makeup)
  • Stephanie (Aquaheart's Obsession)

  • I can't go without wishing a happy, healthy 2011 to the people who never cease to crack me up on Twitter: Paula, Dustin, Michael, Hillary, Vicki, Michelle, SparkleCrackHQ ... and on, and on... Easier to just check out who I follow on Twitter.
  • Finally, wishing a wonderful, prosperous and healthy New Year to my partners in crime: Kathy, Val, Michael Lamb, Donna, and Melissa.

I know I've missed a whole bunch of people, so please don't be offended if you're not listed here. Enjoy your evening, make the best of your New Year, be happy, and to approrpriately quote Dustin Hunter, "Drive Safe".


  1. YEEEEEEEEEE I made the list. *Dance*
    I've been listening to the Girl With A Dragon Tattoo audiobook. When does it STOP BEING BORING, Robyn? So far it's just all about Swedish finance and Swedish financial companies and SWEDISH FINANCIAL JOUNRALISTS OMGIDON'TCAREABOUTSWEDENORFINANCEINGENERAL.

    Lisbeth is cool although I'm still waiting for plot to appear. When does it get non-crap?

    Also, happy future! <3

  2. Maybe it's different when you read it instead of listen to it? It's still 2 different stories, right? Hmmm... I think it's at least halfway through the book before it all starts to tie together. Am I right that Lisbeth reminds me of YOU?

  3. I'm at the part where the journalist has just accepted the job, found out that the guy receiving the flowers is the old dude whose sister is missing, and the journalist is explaining to Millennium that he's taking the job with the old dude. I think that the guy who hired Lisbeth to investigate the journalist is the guy who works for the old guy.

    Since it's an audiobook I have no idea how to spell their names. I think maybe it's just starting to be un-boring. I did find the 8-year-long description of the oil tanker accident only to then discover that the only point to that story was to know that people couldn't have left/entered the island/city/whatever that day, and THEN hear the journalist describe this old man as a "great story teller" made me want to shoot myself.

    I hope the old guy stops talking FOREVER now. I may have become so bored in places I missed details. Lo tells me it's a brilliant book and becomes brilliant as soon as they shut up about finance. You can tell the author is REALLY INTO FINANCE and takes financial journalism super-seriously because he writes about it like good journalists are superheroes.

    I adore Lisbeth! I wish I were that cool, or that I looked like her IRL.

  4. I'm honored to be your friend Robyn, and I'm so glad that we can pick up the phone and chat.... it means the world specially when we're on opposite sides of the coast... have an amazing new year my friend. You deserve every single minute of it. :) elke


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