Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's in YOUR Sephora Cart?

It's no secret that Sephora's Friends & Family sale begins tomorrow. Starting tomorrow (newly updated: it's working) NOW through November 3rd, you can receive 20% off your entire order with the code FF2010. Spend over $50, and get it shipped to you for free as well.

So many of my beauty friends find that visiting Sephora does for them what chocolate does for me - it can cure even the worst ailments. Alas, I have no Sephora near me (though they've been building one for nearly a year and promise to open next month), so chocolate it is. Which is also why I look forward to the Friends & Family sale - a great time to buy stuff I can't easily get, or really don't want to pay full retail price. And getting to the $50 isn't all that hard. Sephora's site is one that you can log in and fill up your cart in advance, then scoot on over there tomorrow morning to finalize your purchase. So far, here's what's in my cart:

  • Urban Decay's Primer Potion in the professional size. My favorite shadow primer (along with most of the free world), now available in a squeezable tube. I'm not fond of their doe foot applicator - especially since you have to de-pot it to get it all out. Then it dries out if it's not in an airtight container. The tube version is more expensive: $29 vs the $18 Genie bottle, but you also get 1.5 times more product; even more if you include the fact that you can actually use it all as well.

  • Philosphy's Exfoliating Lip Scrub. I need a lip scrub, but I really don't know much about who's got the best one. I'm not looking for a plumper, lip gloss, or lip conditioner. Just something to help get off leftover, glumpy lip color - or to even out these tired ol' lips. Has anyone tried this one, or have a recommendation for another?

  • Phyto's Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Shampoo. Every time I order something from Sephora, I get a sample of one of Phyto's shampoos. I really like them, but for some reason, never ordered a full size. For a little over $19 after the FF discount, I just gave myself a reason.

Other things I'd recommend getting if you don't have already:

  • A Clarisonic brush, of course. Honestly, I don't know that the MIA is any better or worse than the regular one. I have the Pro version, and truth be told, I only use one speed anyway. If you buy the full sized one, get the pink version and support breast cancer awareness.

  • While you're looking at gadgets, seriously consider Clarisonic's new Opal. I bought one at an esthetics show just a month or two ago, and was really afraid I had gottten caught up in the buying frenzy and would regret this purchase. It's a sonic infusion system that dispenses unit doses of anti-aging serum that you then apply beneath your eyes with the use of ultrasound. Fortunately for me and my wallet, I've already begun to see results, and haven't regretted the purchase for a minute. Now I'm also trying it "off label use", and using it every evening to my upper lip line in hopes of reducing those lines as well. At $245, it's a little spendy, but the $49 discount helps take the some of the bite out.

  • Urban Decay's Naked palette. If you're planning to take advantage of the 20% savings, get this sucker in your cart and checkout at 12:01am or you won't get it. 11,000 different brands and palettes out there, and this flies off the shelves. I'm willing to bet that this has become one of Urban Decay's bestsellers after their Primer Potion.

So tell me, what's in your cart? And what should be in mine?


  1. I already have the UDPP in the tube - and I actually used it the other day, and now I finally understand all the hype. With the doefoot applicators, I didn't have the control I needed, and would put too much on.

    I got Buxom Babes City Slickers, Sephora's Flashy Liner Pencil set, and BE's All Wrapped Up palette. I mentally toyed with getting the Illamasqua 4-color Liquid Metal palette, but decided against it. I wanted to get Scarab and Viridian, from Illamasqua's Art of Darkness collection, but neither of those polish-colors is available through Sephora...when I made my purchases this morning. (And now they're there!! Dang it!!!) When I checked the other day, the Naked palette was listed as being out of I wouldn't be too surprised if Sephora didn't have enough of these in stock for the F&F.

  2. As of a few minutes ago, the Naked palette was listed as in stock. Think it's 12:01am EST? Oh - I forgot to add some of their mascara. Gotta go throw that in.


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