Monday, September 13, 2010

Kitchen Cosmetics: OCC Lip Tars

I freely admit it: I'm a lipstick klutz. I rarely wear lipstick of any sort because I tend to talk it off faster than it took to apply it, so it's not even worth the effort. People frequently ask me why I don't have any lip products on my website, to which my usual response is something to the effect of "how can I sell something I don't wear?" I know too little about the stuff to make anything worthwhile, and anything that requires melting and pouring pretty is way out of my league. I can melt, I can pour, I can't do it neatly.

A little over a year ago, I found the solution to my personal lipstick problem: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic's (aka OCC) lip tars. These puppies had to be where the phrase "lip stain" originated - the color will last on your lips all day long, through food, drink, and yapping. I have 7 or 8 colors, and just bought 3 more that were just released last Friday. There's only one problem: I can't wear them. They are so highly pigmented, you can't use the applicator tip. You have to apply them with a lip brush or something similar. OK, that's not an issue; I can do that. The pigmented part is the issue for me. They're extremely opaque, and a pin drop's worth will give you plenty of bold color. Two of my favorite colors, NSFW (pictured above, and stands for Not Suitable For Work -it's a bright red) and Grandma still have too much color for someone who's not young by anyone's standards other than my mother's. I always have to mix them with a more neutral color like Hush or Complex to tone down some of the color. Plus, I find them a bit drying, and have to use some lip balm before applying.

Enter my bright idea: what would happen if I took some premade lip balm base and added some lip tars to it? WTF; may as well try it. A $12.50 tube of a lip tar would last longer than you, your daughter, and her daughter could ever use up. So what if I try it and it doesn't work? There's still plenty for me to toss the project and still have a lifetime supply. OMG, it worked! I have a wearable, easy to apply, don't look like an old lady clown lip tar!

Here's what I did. It's completely unscientific, so be prepared if you try this on your own that you may be diddling a bit. No worries; all the ingredients come in an abundant supply that you can toss and start all over again without using much of anything at all. I used the Glossy Glaze base from Coastal Scents, but you can use any premade base available from them, TKB Trading, Essential Wholesale, and a zillion other places.
  • Scoop a little base into a microwave-safe container (I'm partial to the plastic Solo cups like you get ketchup or salad dressing from a take-out restaurant).
  • I added a few drops of jojoba oil because I find the Glossy Glaze a little too hard, and want the extra moisturizing benefits from the additional jojoba. It soaks into your lips/skin quickly, so I figured it would be less likely that the finished product would end up creeping into my fine lines. I'm too lazy to wear lip liner to cover that problem.
  • Melt in the microwave. You don't want it to get too hot, or you'll looking at a potential fire hazard. I zapped it in 15 second increments until all was melted.
  • Add several drops of your chosen OCC Lip Tar shade(s) and mix with a popsicle stick or mini spatula until it's all blended. My experiment was mostly NSFW with a drop or two of Hush just in case it was still going to be too red. STIR FAST - it will start to harden as you're blending. If it starts to get lumpy before you're all stirred up, zap it another 10-15 seconds.
  • Pour into a chapstick style tube. Again, I don't use lipstick molds. Those require coordination. I'm not selling this stuff; a chapstick tube is just fine for me, and they're cheap.
  • Place into the freezer for just a minute or two, then remove. You'll notice that the mixture has started to sink down, and there's a hole in the center where the rod to dial up the bottom is.
  • Zap the leftover mixture that didn't make it into the tube the first time until it's runny again. Top off the tube, and replace in the freezer. Bye-bye hole, bye-bye sunken in center. Let it stay there for 30 min or so, and you're done.

End result? OCC Lip Tars that don't dry your lips, don't creep into your lip lines, and suitable for even old ladies!


  1. I am loving this idea! I can finally use it on my mature clients!

  2. This.



    I, too, love my OCC Lip Tars, but wish they were more application-friendly for traveling purposes! I tried it out just now with a lip balm from Epically Epic Soap (their lip balm is fantastic, by the way, you should give them a try if you haven't already), and holy cow, I love it. It's actually pretty easy! Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. Hi Ciambella - I'm glad it worked for you. Is it not the best idea EVER?


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