Monday, August 30, 2010

August: The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY

Boy, has this been a tumultous month! I've been so flattered to have my products selected as monthly favorites, but the website is still not functioning. Starting with the good stuff...

Professional makeup artist and blogger Crystal Strayer (who I personally feel is one of the prettiest people on the planet) lists her Favorite August Beauty Products today, and our Diamond Perfect Finish is the very first product listed!

The You Tuber Guru with the most beautiful skin, The Sublime Agent (aka Michael) likes to be a little different. He did a mid-month favorite:

Michael's review of our brush protectors has prompted us to carry an additional sized protector - a medium+, for lack of a better word. This size is perfect for those "tweener" sized brushes, and what we use when we ship our Duo-Fiber brushes. They're in stock; I just have to photograph and get them up on the website.

Which brings me to the UGLY... Remember the post below where I said the website is screwed up in Internet Explorer, and all the categories are missing across the top? It gets worse! Apparently, when you see multiple products on a page and click the "order" button, it takes you to a blank page. *cries and cries* No wonder sales are slow! Until Mr. Programmer fixes this darn issue, click on the product name instead of the order button. This will take you to the product page, where the "add to cart" link does work. 9/1/10 Update: IT'S FIXED, IT'S FIXED - WOOT!


  1. Thank you, Robyn♥. :)

    Michael! I handed him a goody bag at The Guru Summit! lol He is gorgeous!!

    Hope your website gets fixed soon!


  2. I've never seen him "live and in person", but his skin on You Tube is so flawless you'd think he photoshopped himself :)

    I hope my site gets fixed soon too... I'm dyin'!


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