Friday, March 12, 2010

The Case of the Missing Jars Continues...

My MIA new packaging has been found! China. Apparently, several hundred boxes didn't make it to the boat in time before the Chinese New Year. Is anyone like me, and visualizes boxes literally running after a departing boat like one would for a bus, saying "WAIT! Wait for us!!"?

So... I have no idea when they'll get here. I did get my hands on some 20 gram black lidded jars and had my artwork printed here, so at least I can offer both sizes with the new twisty sifters - so much for matchy-matchy though.

Another announcement: The Silk & Pearl Powder Primer, by popular request, is now offered in two sizes: the original size in a 10 gram jar (net weight 1.5 grams), and in a jumbo size of twice the amount: 3 grams net weight in the new 20 gram twisty sifter jars for only an additional $7.50.

Happy Shopping!


  1. The new 20 gram twisty sifter jars show up as an additional $7.50, not the additional $5.00 stated here.

  2. Hmmm... you're right. Thanks for pointing that out - the site is correct; the blog is not. On my way to edit!


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