Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Overwhelmed, Grateful and Thankful!

I'm still out of town enjoying my Costa Rican vacation, where my internet connection is spotty at best, the mosquitos are aplenty, and the scenery is gorgeous - but I'd do a proper blog post on that later.

While I DO have a connection, I wanted to express my gratitude to so many who have listed my products as their Top Picks for 2009. Wanting to keep this brief to get it written before I lose my connection again, I cannot tell express how honored and excited I am to have been listed on so many's shortlists.

I've never, ever been on so many Top Picks! Thanks to each of you. This is a pretty lame thanks, but please accept that it comes from my heart - and a keyboard that only types in Spanish.


  1. We just LOVE your products :D And I just got my order today. Yay!

    I wish I were in Costa Rica too, it's -4F here in the moment :D

  2. Glad you got it :) It's a million degrees humidity - gave up on the idea of a blow dryer and anything but Blinc mascara and waterproof gel liner, lol.

  3. I know you meant whose*, but it's okay, all that Spanish must be getting to you.

    See the blog title is the name of a comic strip which ran in 3 episodes of Sonic The Comic featuring Knuckles (the Echidna) in a Western-style setting about 12 years ago. How could ANYONE not get THAT reference? It's not obscure at ALL.

    Rofl. I'm glad you liked <3 I love my green PDF, and I know a few people who're jealous and want their own =P

  4. Uh, yeah. That. Sure, I know what you're talking about - how could I have been so stupid? It's all the Sangria, ya know. You DID make it clear that that PDF is yours and yours alone, right? How'd the color corrector work, btw? I take it you like your PDF better...

  5. I did ;x I said it was mine for being so incredibly, utterly, fantastically superawesome. I adoooooooooore my PDF. I use it over my foundation and it's just enough to counteract the red. I notice it more and more in photographs :3 No more hiding my nose!


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