Sunday, January 10, 2010

Back Home Again

Amazing how you can spend 10 days getting some R&R, and quickly have it undone all in merely one day. We got back into town late last night, and I've completed 18 loads of laundry, packed 4 bazillion orders, and even accomplished the grocery shopping!

There is only one leeeetle snag.... all but 2 orders have will be shipped out first thing tomorrow. I can't pack the remaining 2 orders because I'm completely out of jars! As I mentioned last month, we're redoing our packaging. I knew I was cutting the jar inventory close, so before I left, I placed an order for a small amount of the old style to hold me over. They were supposed to be delivered to my husband's office while we were away, knowing that his secretary would be there. Uhhh.... no jars. USPS says they were delivered last Thursday. Called the secretary, and she says she received nothing. I'm hoping that the postman came while she was at lunch or something, and they are in a neighboring office. Either that, or I'll have to get another order sent to me, but won't be able to get them before Wednesday. Won't know until the postman comes tomorrow and we can inquire as to exactly where he/she/it delivered my package!

As for the trip, it was absolutely AWESOME! My husband is funnier than hell, and is writing a blog post (aka novella) about the trip. He just got the blog today, and I don't even know the url yet (he's only up to Day 3, he says), but rather than write about it here, I'll post the link once it's completed. You'll be far more entertained by his writings than mine. So until then, I'll leave you with some pics to give you a clue as to how wonderful Costa Rica (and the Ticos who reside there) really is:

In addition to the gorgeous scenery and wildlife, of course, there was adventure. Zip lining (pic to come), and white water rafting - affectionately called "black and blue rafting" by my husband. Here's why:

Edit: Marc finally wrote his blog. Only took him, ummm... 10 days? I think he has a whole new respect for bloggers. It's long, but it's funny, and it's here:


  1. Squee! Monkey pulling Iguana tail is the best! It looks so beautiful there XD

  2. Oh, it was! The scenery was gorgeous, the locals were sooo friendly and helpful - I'd go back there in a heartbeat if we didn't take vacations like this but once every 10 years :)


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