Thursday, November 05, 2009

Every 15 Minutes...

OK, this post has absolutely nothing to do with beauty. It's about something even more near and dear to my heart than anything else in the world: my about-to-be 16 year old daughter. Today and tomorrow, her school is doing a program called "Every 15 Minutes". Every 15 minutes, a person is killed in the US as a result of an alcohol related accident. The dangers of drinking and driving is graphically illustrated through dramatizations on campus, put together by our local sheriff and fire departments. I remember when I was 16. I was invincible. I truly believed that nothing could hurt me; you were supposed to live until some ripe old age; you didn't die at 16 or 18.

Here's how the program is played out: Every 15 minutes throughout the school day, randomly selected students will be removed from their class. After being escorted out by the grim reaper, a Sheriff's Deputy will arrive on the scene and read the now dead student's obituary to the class. That obituary is posted in the classroom as a reminder to all of what was and might have been for that student. The student will be gone for the rest of the day, and is sequestered in a local hotel tonight with no cell phone and no communication with anyone. By 8:30am, my daughter texted me that she had already lost two of her friends. The girl who sits in front of her had already lost 4 of her best friends, and was sobbing uncontrollably. I replied to her that I hope the message being delivered hits home for her - she gets her drivers license in less than two weeks, so this could not have been timed better.

Tomorrow, there will be a memorial service held for all the students who lost their lives on campus today. Hopefully, the kids will reflect upon what was and could have been. More emotional and real for the kids (since all they hear from adults is "blah blah blah") will be from the students who participated. They will be sharing their thoughts and emotions of the previous 24 hours through letters written by them to their parents and family.

I think that this is a wonderful program that will emotionally touch the kids, and hopefully will remain with them deep down inside for many years to come. I don't want to lose my daughter before she has had the chance to live to her full potential.


  1. Wow, I think that's great. I wish my school did that when I was in high school. A dose of reality is what's needed sometimes. hugs!

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great program. Any way to try to get it through the thick teenage skull(and older)is a positive thing,even to save one.


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