Thursday, September 24, 2009

OMG OMG - This is better than being on Oprah!

Anyone who's into makeup knows who YouTube Guru EnKore Makeup is. I'm not going to say another word (mostly because I'm speechless!) - watch on!

Now if you don't have the time to watch the whole video, you can read up on it on Koren's blog.

Just to show you how nice of a guy he his, he made me a special brush roll for my birthday. I'm determined to make it a best seller, so go check out Robyn's Blue Temple Brush Roll!


  1. fantastic. Enkore is the reason I ended up here..good thing. Your product looks very interesting. I have super dry skin and am constantly on the hunt for new products for this. How do you think the Diamond powder would work?

    PS I am obsessed with dogs too. I have my one baby in my apt in nyc with me and 4 in my house that I grew up in!

  2. Hi Belle,
    The Diamond Perfect Finish is for all skin types. I too have very dry (aka OLD) skin, and use the Silk & Pearl Powder primer in the Normal-Dry formula (I also wear it to bed at night; the pearl powder helps even your skin tone and texture), the Skin Smoothing Foundation, and the Diamond Perfect Finish.

  3. hi robyn, can u advise on how to get your products in aus? xoxo elle
    ps: me supa oily skin!

  4. Hi Elle,
    I have lots of customers from Australia. Since I'm not available in any retail stores (I don't have the manufacturing ability to make large masses of product at a time, nor do I want to lose the contact I have with my customers), you can order to your heart's content directly from the website. I ship worldwide except to countries that don't allow importation of cosmetics - like Mexico. What's up with that? Actually, shipping to Australia is pretty quick compared to many other countries. It's usually in and out of customs in under two weeks, often closer to 7-10 days.

  5. Hey I'm from Australia too and just saw you on Koren's review. I've ordered some sample skin smoothing foundations. We had a mineral makeup supplier here but her colours were too inconsistent. Hoping to find another supplier even if we have to order from overseas! Can't wait for my order.

  6. What a great review from Koren. Now, I've got to try those products.

  7. You're the Robyn who's always commenting on Phyrra's blog, aren't you? Everytime I see a comment from you, I think my Alzheimer's has kicked in and I just don't remember writing it, lol. Welcome on over! Any Robyn from Calif is a friend (and neighbor) of mine :)


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