Monday, August 24, 2009

The Skinny on Thursday's Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon

I've spent all day today putting together the how to's and what to's for Thursday's Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon (Woot-Off Style). The trickiest thing was trying to figure out how to keep you from having to place multiple orders, resulting in my issuing multiple refunds for excess shipping. And not knowing whether you're done shopping or not, leaving a bunch of semi-ready orders sitting there waiting to go. Not fun options for either one of us.

Then it hit me - Eureka! Make a Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon page! That link will take you right to the page, by the way. OK, it's blank now (or so you think - everything is there, it's just hidden), but bookmark it, 'cuz that's the only page you'll be able to get the Birthday Bash pricing on. I tested it by putting a few items in my cart, disabled the sale price on them, and went back later. Yep, items are still in my cart, still with the sale price. So you can continue to fill up your cart as the day goes on, then checkout when you're a) all spent up; or b) got everything you're going to want or need. Easy, peasy. While some sale items will be offered for a certain amount of time (unknown to you), others are only in limited quantities - even as few as one or two. Once it's purchased, that item comes off sale and the next one goes up. There's just one wee little hitch. I have no idea what you have sitting in your cart until you finalize your order. So if you bought something in limited quantities as well as someone else, the first to finalize their order will be the recipient of the item. Any others will get emailed a "so sorry" notification.

Just so that you have an idea of what you might want to be looking out for, and to help you know when you're done (it occured to me I may be filling orders into the wee hours on my birthday if I don't clue you in), I'll let you in on some of the highlights. Not the prices, but the highlights. If you count the various shades I've got 36 different products going on sale throughout the day! Here's some of what you can expect:

  • All foundations
  • Diamond Perfect Finish
  • Select brushes
  • Special Edition Brush Set (this is a good one!)
  • Waterproof Gel Eyeliners
  • Select blushes and bronzers
  • Pure Silk Powder
  • Silk & Pearl Powder Primer
  • Special sets (eyeshadows and Blinc products)
  • Gifts with purchase (with special thanks to jeune d'age Organics & Garden Girl Skincare)

But wait, that's not all! A free ginsu knife with every order! OK - that part was a joke; I don't have any Ginsu knives lying around. BUT if you miss out on an item you really wanted, that doesn't mean you might not get anything as a little surprise in your package. I'll be randomly throwing in freebies into orders as the mood strikes me. Just be nice and wish me a Happy Birthday in the notes section - I might just Happy Birthday you right back!

So let's do a little recap, shall we? You can find out what's going on sale one of three ways:

  1. Become a Purely Cosmetics Facebook Fan;
  2. Follow me on Twitter;
  3. Bookmark the Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon webpage and keep hitting F5 like a good Wooter does.

Sale will begin sometime after I wake up and get my first cup of java in me (between 6:30-7:30am PST). Since I have no idea what we're doing to celebrate, other than I'm not cooking, sale ends when we leave for dinner (guessing around 6:00pm PST).


  1. Robyn, is there a way to save shipping (to ship all items from different sales together) - as if I wait till the end to put in an order, the item might be gone.

  2. The items that will be available in limited quantites will be marked as such in bold, blue type so that you can't miss them. I suggest if you're buying one of those items, don't wait until the end of the day. Go ahead and checkout, but if you know there's more stuff you may be purchasing, put in the notes section to HOLD YOUR ORDER. We'll hold your order until the end of the sale, and credit you any shipping overages after your order ships and we have a final shipping total.


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