Thursday, August 20, 2009

Save The Date: Aug 27 Birthday Bash!

Go figure this: I'm not a fan of celebrating my birthday with parties and such - take me out to dinner so that I don't have to cook, and I'm happy. But every year, I do something special on the site to celebrate. As you know, my birthday is coming up next Thursday, when I'll be having one of those birthdays that end in "0" - and a number that when doubled, I'm pretty much assured of not being alive. So that kicks out my 30th and 40th.

Trying to come up with something new and different, I'm stealing from Woot, and having a sale similar to a Woot-Off. I'll randomly put things on sale - they will all have something to do with 50 (50% off, buy something, get something else free, etc). How long that item will remain on sale will be totally at my whim. Could be 50 minutes, could be a few hours, maybe 50 seconds. Then that sale item is no longer available at the special price, and something else will be.

How to participate? Make sure you join my Facebook Fan Page, and follow me on Twitter. I'll be posting the item du jour moment on both of those two places, and nowhere else. Not to worry if you buy multiple items from multiple specials - if it gets shipped all together, you'll be refunded any extra shipping charges you were billed for.
Hmmm... what should I do for my 50th Facebook fan??? 150th???


  1. will you post the deal on your purely cosmetics website?I cannot go to facebook or twitter at work.So does it mean that I will miss the deal??

  2. This was for last year - 2009. You missed it. This year, you're looking for September 18th for our 3 Year Anniversary Sale. How the sale will work will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, and there will be a blog post in advance announcing it.

    If you want a say in how the sale will work, please let me know in the comments section of this post.


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