Monday, August 17, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW: Korres Natural Products

Awhile back, I was contacted by Korres, who liked the fact that I was concerned with my cosmetics being natural. I guess they missed the fact that I mostly blog about my own products, but they wanted to know if I was willing to receive some of their natural skin products, and to perhaps post a review, if I so chose. "Sure", I said, why not get some free stuff? It made me feel like a "real blogger", lol. And, here's my first "real" product review!

I received several products: their toning cleansing foam, Wild Rose moisturizer, tinted lip balm, Pomegranate cleansing wipes (those went to my daughter, as they're for normal-oily skin), Mascara infused with ProVitamin B and rice bran, and their silicone free face primer. I still haven't quite figured out the Toning Cleansing Foam. Is it toner or a cleanser? It went on thin like a toner would, but foamed like a cleanser (without the glide). It didn't cleanse my face, as makeup still came off on my wipes. But since it foams up, rinsing off is needed. Would you rinse off a toner? That one has me a little confused.

I was very intrigued by their silicone free face primer. One of the main reasons I created my Silk & Pearl Powder primer is because I absolutely hate primers with silicone - it feels like I'm wrapping my face in Saran Wrap before applying foundation. 99% of this primer is made from natural ingredients (yay). It goes on lightly and smoothly, and dries pretty quickly. As promised, it does help diminish pore size. It doesn't help aid in coverage, but that's ok. I've worn it in damp, foggy weather at the beach, as well as on a hot day today, and didn't feel like my skin was unable to breathe. All in all, it's a good primer, though at $28 for a one ounce tube, it may be a bit on the pricey side. Read on though, for how you can get it for just under $20.

I'm also sporting their Pro-vitamin B and Rice Bran mascara ($18). I couldn't wear it yesterday - going to the beach means wearing my Blinc; I'm not going body surfing sporting racoon eyes - but it's held up really well today. It didn't give my lashes a lot of length, but it did give them a lot of volume, and with no flaking.

I'd like to give everything a full test run before publishing a review, but time is also of the essence, as I can save you 30% off of any order you place online through September 15th. If I tried everything for a week or more, then a few days to write the post, you'd have about 2 minutes to take advantage of the savings!

To receive your 30% discount off your entire purchase (cannot be combined with any other offer), simply use the coupon code SHOPAHOLIC during your checkout.

So... how'd I do for a first product review that wasn't my own products?

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