Monday, August 31, 2009

My Last Birthday Post - I Promise!

OK, I know the last gazillion posts have been about my 50th Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon. You're probably sick of hearing about it by now. Just to show that it wasn't all work and no play, I decided to do this personal post about how I also celebrated my birthday offline.

Since I was so busy on the actual day of my birthday, most of the celebrating was over the weekend. Keeping things low key, we just had a few friends and family over for the evening Saturday. OK, mostly family, and just a couple of friends - my husband's side of the family is so big we ran out of room for little things like friends. Good food, good company, I was happy.

I wasn't allowed to do a thing. Marc (my husband) and Jamie (my daughter) took care of everything from start to finish - a gift in and of itself! Traditionally, my husband is the "go to" guy for every family occasion to write a limmerick. He's witty, and pops those things out in mere minutes. He's not particularly demonstrative, and isn't one who readily expresses his feelings, but I've never in my life questioned his love for me. I'm pretty sure he didn't just whip my birthday limmerick out like he normally does. You could really see his feelings for me, and see the thought that went into it. He's gonna kill me for posting it here for all the world to see, but it touched me so deeply, how could I not share it?

So... here's my birthday limmerick, written with love:
Just because Robyn’s 50, don’t expect her to mope.
Cuz she looks and acts young and is able to cope.

She’s like a spry puppy with a smile on her face.
With dog butts to sniff all over the place.

And dogs are her passion, they know she’s a sucker.
They kiss her and nudge her but she won’t let anything else.

There is no single dog that doesn’t wag when he sees her.
When she scratches their tummies they often have seizures.

And she loves them all equally, you know that it’s true.
Except for that rat dog that peed on her shoe.

However, no one is perfect so I must say this rhyme:
Why’s it so difficult to be ready on time?

I know what you’ll say. You must water the dog.
And you’ll do it as soon as you finish your blog.

Lateness is something she just can’t quite fix
We’ve tried adjusting the clock and other cute tricks.

But no matter our ruse she still finds a way
To cause us to suffer some kind of delay.

An example of this will happen most nights
Luckily we’ve been able to avoid family fights.

Jamie yells from her room: "Mom, is it dinner yet?"
"In a few minutes. I’m on the Internet."

But when 10 o’clock strikes I know where to find her
Disrupting my shows with the damn coffee grinder.

Okay. It’s unfair to gripe after all that you do.
So I’ll move on to good stuff–there’s lots of that too.

She does all the cooking including the grill.
And, while the menu is small, it still fits the bill.

Her enchiladas are heaven, chicken parm’s divine
But they’d probably taste better if we ate before nine.

As a mom she’s supportive, always ready to clap.
Whether it’s swimming or skating or soccer or tap.

Whether schlepping our daughter or shopping for food,
She gets it all done and maintains a good mood.

She tweets and she blogs and she e-mails all day.
While her cell phone plays Jeopardy not too far away.

She really works hard to make her businesses grow.
But three bucks an hour is just a little bit low.

With what’s on her plate she still gets it all done
And somehow finds time to relax and have fun.

She goes through her life with nary a complaint
And takes care of us all like an angelic saint.

We don’t say "I love you" quite nearly enough
Cuz we get too caught up with the trivial stuff.

But know that it’s true, that we love you so much.
Even when we don’t say it with words or a touch.

When their honey hits 50 some husbands would whine
But in my heart and my eyes you’re still 29.

I'm married to one of the best men in the world.


  1. Oh Robyn, I loved it!

  2. Oh my GOD that's adorable!!!!! He wins the best hubby award EVER! :)


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