Thursday, August 13, 2009

How great is this?

I just received one of the best emails ever from a new customer. It's the little things like this that make all the hours I put in worth every second. Rather than say anything more, I'll let Stacy's email speak for itself:

I just ordered and started using your mineral makeup last week and i wanted to send an email telling you how great your products are! I used Bare Minerals for about 7 years and was never very satisfied with it, but at the time mineral makeup was new and there weren't many options on the market. A few months ago a switched to Lancome's mineral powder (which i think is just a normal powder foundation with the word "mineral" thrown in to get them on the bandwagon) and I liked much more but was really looking for something more natural. I spent a lot of time researching mineral makeups trying to find one that didn't contain ANY potentially harmful or irritating or pore clogging ingredients and it was only by luck that I stumbled across a review for your line. When I read your ingredients list I was sold...not only had I found makeup with everything I wanted (and more importantly without everything I didn't want) but it was also way less expensive.

I was sure there was a catch somewhere. When I made my order I resigned myself to getting it weeks later, but I received it within 3 days with free shipping on my $60 order. While I was a little frustrated at having to order products online and wait for them rather than have the instant gratification of picking them up at the store, with such fast shipping I actually prefer the ease of a few mouse clicks to driving across the city to fight the masses at the mall. I tried it out and while I am still getting used to some application differences I absolutely love the products. I ordered a starter kit so I could try out a few things and I like them all. I am so happy with how well the pure mineral foundation matches my skin tone on the first try. I had ordered Peaches 'n Cream, but got a sample of Fair Maiden just in case it was too dark. As it turns out PNC was perfect and I have used the slightly lighter FM as a concealer. I also tried the blush in Blushing and the Diamond Perfect Finish powder which I admit I am not sure I am using correctly (I use it underneath instead of on top of the foundation) but I still like. The blush brush left something to be desired but the synthetic kabuki brush is the nicest, softest most luxurious brush i have ever felt...I am definitely going to add another one to my next order.

My only slight complaint is that the sifter jars make quite a mess and a jar with a lid that you can twist to close off the holes would be nice. For the time being I have dumped my Lancome makeup out of the container (that has a twist-close lid) and have filled it with your makeup to make it more portable and less messy. It is a small inconvenience and by no means has diminished my satisfaction with your products. I can't wait to order more.

Keep up the awesome work!!!

Just to let everyone else know, as I told Stacy, I've been searching high and low for those twisty sifters. There is only one company that I've found, and the sifters don't fit my jars. Not that that's much of an issue, since you have to order 25,000 pieces/size. A way to keep the mess down when using for travel or your purse is to order a couple of empty 5 gram jars. The holes are smaller, and not as much comes spilling out. Besides, they take up far less room - leave the full sized jar in your bathroom, take the little ones with you.

Once again, thank you Stacy. You just gave be a much needed grin!


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