Monday, August 31, 2009

My Last Birthday Post - I Promise!

OK, I know the last gazillion posts have been about my 50th Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon. You're probably sick of hearing about it by now. Just to show that it wasn't all work and no play, I decided to do this personal post about how I also celebrated my birthday offline.

Since I was so busy on the actual day of my birthday, most of the celebrating was over the weekend. Keeping things low key, we just had a few friends and family over for the evening Saturday. OK, mostly family, and just a couple of friends - my husband's side of the family is so big we ran out of room for little things like friends. Good food, good company, I was happy.

I wasn't allowed to do a thing. Marc (my husband) and Jamie (my daughter) took care of everything from start to finish - a gift in and of itself! Traditionally, my husband is the "go to" guy for every family occasion to write a limmerick. He's witty, and pops those things out in mere minutes. He's not particularly demonstrative, and isn't one who readily expresses his feelings, but I've never in my life questioned his love for me. I'm pretty sure he didn't just whip my birthday limmerick out like he normally does. You could really see his feelings for me, and see the thought that went into it. He's gonna kill me for posting it here for all the world to see, but it touched me so deeply, how could I not share it?

So... here's my birthday limmerick, written with love:
Just because Robyn’s 50, don’t expect her to mope.
Cuz she looks and acts young and is able to cope.

She’s like a spry puppy with a smile on her face.
With dog butts to sniff all over the place.

And dogs are her passion, they know she’s a sucker.
They kiss her and nudge her but she won’t let anything else.

There is no single dog that doesn’t wag when he sees her.
When she scratches their tummies they often have seizures.

And she loves them all equally, you know that it’s true.
Except for that rat dog that peed on her shoe.

However, no one is perfect so I must say this rhyme:
Why’s it so difficult to be ready on time?

I know what you’ll say. You must water the dog.
And you’ll do it as soon as you finish your blog.

Lateness is something she just can’t quite fix
We’ve tried adjusting the clock and other cute tricks.

But no matter our ruse she still finds a way
To cause us to suffer some kind of delay.

An example of this will happen most nights
Luckily we’ve been able to avoid family fights.

Jamie yells from her room: "Mom, is it dinner yet?"
"In a few minutes. I’m on the Internet."

But when 10 o’clock strikes I know where to find her
Disrupting my shows with the damn coffee grinder.

Okay. It’s unfair to gripe after all that you do.
So I’ll move on to good stuff–there’s lots of that too.

She does all the cooking including the grill.
And, while the menu is small, it still fits the bill.

Her enchiladas are heaven, chicken parm’s divine
But they’d probably taste better if we ate before nine.

As a mom she’s supportive, always ready to clap.
Whether it’s swimming or skating or soccer or tap.

Whether schlepping our daughter or shopping for food,
She gets it all done and maintains a good mood.

She tweets and she blogs and she e-mails all day.
While her cell phone plays Jeopardy not too far away.

She really works hard to make her businesses grow.
But three bucks an hour is just a little bit low.

With what’s on her plate she still gets it all done
And somehow finds time to relax and have fun.

She goes through her life with nary a complaint
And takes care of us all like an angelic saint.

We don’t say "I love you" quite nearly enough
Cuz we get too caught up with the trivial stuff.

But know that it’s true, that we love you so much.
Even when we don’t say it with words or a touch.

When their honey hits 50 some husbands would whine
But in my heart and my eyes you’re still 29.

I'm married to one of the best men in the world.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank heavens I only turn 50 once!

Just a quick Thank You to everyone who participated in yesterday's Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon. It was an overwhelming success! This is just the orders packed last night (ok, more like until the wee hours of this morning) sitting on my husband's cubby to take to the post office this morning on his way to basketball. I shoulda left a rolling cart next to the pile for him!

I had so much fun putting together that Woot-Off style sale, and it sounds like everyone else enjoyed it as well. Or at least I hope so :) It was so crazy, I didn't even get to put up all of the specials I had planned! My inventory is now bone dry, and I'll be spending most of the day today formulating just so that I have product once again.

I'm not so sure I'll be able to top this next year!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Skinny on Thursday's Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon

I've spent all day today putting together the how to's and what to's for Thursday's Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon (Woot-Off Style). The trickiest thing was trying to figure out how to keep you from having to place multiple orders, resulting in my issuing multiple refunds for excess shipping. And not knowing whether you're done shopping or not, leaving a bunch of semi-ready orders sitting there waiting to go. Not fun options for either one of us.

Then it hit me - Eureka! Make a Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon page! That link will take you right to the page, by the way. OK, it's blank now (or so you think - everything is there, it's just hidden), but bookmark it, 'cuz that's the only page you'll be able to get the Birthday Bash pricing on. I tested it by putting a few items in my cart, disabled the sale price on them, and went back later. Yep, items are still in my cart, still with the sale price. So you can continue to fill up your cart as the day goes on, then checkout when you're a) all spent up; or b) got everything you're going to want or need. Easy, peasy. While some sale items will be offered for a certain amount of time (unknown to you), others are only in limited quantities - even as few as one or two. Once it's purchased, that item comes off sale and the next one goes up. There's just one wee little hitch. I have no idea what you have sitting in your cart until you finalize your order. So if you bought something in limited quantities as well as someone else, the first to finalize their order will be the recipient of the item. Any others will get emailed a "so sorry" notification.

Just so that you have an idea of what you might want to be looking out for, and to help you know when you're done (it occured to me I may be filling orders into the wee hours on my birthday if I don't clue you in), I'll let you in on some of the highlights. Not the prices, but the highlights. If you count the various shades I've got 36 different products going on sale throughout the day! Here's some of what you can expect:

  • All foundations
  • Diamond Perfect Finish
  • Select brushes
  • Special Edition Brush Set (this is a good one!)
  • Waterproof Gel Eyeliners
  • Select blushes and bronzers
  • Pure Silk Powder
  • Silk & Pearl Powder Primer
  • Special sets (eyeshadows and Blinc products)
  • Gifts with purchase (with special thanks to jeune d'age Organics & Garden Girl Skincare)

But wait, that's not all! A free ginsu knife with every order! OK - that part was a joke; I don't have any Ginsu knives lying around. BUT if you miss out on an item you really wanted, that doesn't mean you might not get anything as a little surprise in your package. I'll be randomly throwing in freebies into orders as the mood strikes me. Just be nice and wish me a Happy Birthday in the notes section - I might just Happy Birthday you right back!

So let's do a little recap, shall we? You can find out what's going on sale one of three ways:

  1. Become a Purely Cosmetics Facebook Fan;
  2. Follow me on Twitter;
  3. Bookmark the Birthday Bash Sale-A-Thon webpage and keep hitting F5 like a good Wooter does.

Sale will begin sometime after I wake up and get my first cup of java in me (between 6:30-7:30am PST). Since I have no idea what we're doing to celebrate, other than I'm not cooking, sale ends when we leave for dinner (guessing around 6:00pm PST).

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Save The Date: Aug 27 Birthday Bash!

Go figure this: I'm not a fan of celebrating my birthday with parties and such - take me out to dinner so that I don't have to cook, and I'm happy. But every year, I do something special on the site to celebrate. As you know, my birthday is coming up next Thursday, when I'll be having one of those birthdays that end in "0" - and a number that when doubled, I'm pretty much assured of not being alive. So that kicks out my 30th and 40th.

Trying to come up with something new and different, I'm stealing from Woot, and having a sale similar to a Woot-Off. I'll randomly put things on sale - they will all have something to do with 50 (50% off, buy something, get something else free, etc). How long that item will remain on sale will be totally at my whim. Could be 50 minutes, could be a few hours, maybe 50 seconds. Then that sale item is no longer available at the special price, and something else will be.

How to participate? Make sure you join my Facebook Fan Page, and follow me on Twitter. I'll be posting the item du jour moment on both of those two places, and nowhere else. Not to worry if you buy multiple items from multiple specials - if it gets shipped all together, you'll be refunded any extra shipping charges you were billed for.
Hmmm... what should I do for my 50th Facebook fan??? 150th???

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Makeup Tip: How to maximize your coverage without looking like it

With my 50th errrr, ummm, 29th birthday birthday looming next week, I've been examining my face closely. Let's face it; at 50 29, you're no longer a spring chicken, and unless you're a frequent flyer at the plastic surgeon, it shows on your skin.

I remember the days when all I hated about my looks were my stomach and elephant legs. That was an easy solution: I wear lots of long dresses, and there isn't a full length mirror to be found anywhere in my home (what you don't know, won't hurt you, lol). Nowadays, my face is chock full of fine lines, age spots, uneven color (aka blotchiness)... the list is endless. How do I cover all those signs of having lead a "full life"? Actually, it's quite easy. Here's what you do:

  1. If you have pretty oily skin, apply Oil Absorb all over your face, or in oily areas such as your T-Zone. This is best applied using a kabuki or a fluffy powder brush. (Skip this step and move on to step two if you have either dry, normal, combination or slightly oily skin).

  2. Apply Silk & Pearl Powder primer. I use a flat top brush, but you can use a kabuki or powder brush as well. Helpful hint: I even wear this primer to bed after washing and moisturizing my face. The pearl powder in it helps even your skin tone, and the product makes your face oh so soft!

  3. This is one of the most important steps. Put a drop of moisturizer (about the size of a pea) into the palm of your hand. Use a lightweight daytime moisturizer; one that is too emollient will not spread evenly. Tap out 2-3 taps of loose powder foundation on top of the moisturizer, and blend with your palms. Now apply that to your face and let sit for a minute or so. That's usually when I go stand in my closet and ponder what the heck I'm going to wear.

  4. Even though the title of this post is about maximizing coverage, if you want just a light coverage, you can stop here. It will give similar coverage to a tinted moisturizer, but you didn't have to go buy another product to get the look.

  5. Once that first layer has set (isn't tacky to the touch), buff on dry layers on top as needed.

  6. Spritz your face using a facial atomizer (I use Evian's facial spray). Hold the atomizer at arm's length and spray a light circle over your face. Be careful not to get your face too wet. Now pick up that same brush you used to buff on your foundation, and buff once more. The facial spray will set the foundation and avoid any cakey look.

  7. Add a layer of Diamond Perfect Finish using a Duo Fiber (aka stippler or skunk) brush to give an airbrushed look and blur fine lines and pores.

Side note: Many seem to think that Diamond Perfect Finish only works for those who have fair to light skin. It can be used for all skin colors. For those with darker skin, apply it between steps 4 and 5 and/or mix it with your foundation.

Here's the end result (one of these days, I'll get someone ELSE to take the picture):

Monday, August 17, 2009

PRODUCT REVIEW: Korres Natural Products

Awhile back, I was contacted by Korres, who liked the fact that I was concerned with my cosmetics being natural. I guess they missed the fact that I mostly blog about my own products, but they wanted to know if I was willing to receive some of their natural skin products, and to perhaps post a review, if I so chose. "Sure", I said, why not get some free stuff? It made me feel like a "real blogger", lol. And, here's my first "real" product review!

I received several products: their toning cleansing foam, Wild Rose moisturizer, tinted lip balm, Pomegranate cleansing wipes (those went to my daughter, as they're for normal-oily skin), Mascara infused with ProVitamin B and rice bran, and their silicone free face primer. I still haven't quite figured out the Toning Cleansing Foam. Is it toner or a cleanser? It went on thin like a toner would, but foamed like a cleanser (without the glide). It didn't cleanse my face, as makeup still came off on my wipes. But since it foams up, rinsing off is needed. Would you rinse off a toner? That one has me a little confused.

I was very intrigued by their silicone free face primer. One of the main reasons I created my Silk & Pearl Powder primer is because I absolutely hate primers with silicone - it feels like I'm wrapping my face in Saran Wrap before applying foundation. 99% of this primer is made from natural ingredients (yay). It goes on lightly and smoothly, and dries pretty quickly. As promised, it does help diminish pore size. It doesn't help aid in coverage, but that's ok. I've worn it in damp, foggy weather at the beach, as well as on a hot day today, and didn't feel like my skin was unable to breathe. All in all, it's a good primer, though at $28 for a one ounce tube, it may be a bit on the pricey side. Read on though, for how you can get it for just under $20.

I'm also sporting their Pro-vitamin B and Rice Bran mascara ($18). I couldn't wear it yesterday - going to the beach means wearing my Blinc; I'm not going body surfing sporting racoon eyes - but it's held up really well today. It didn't give my lashes a lot of length, but it did give them a lot of volume, and with no flaking.

I'd like to give everything a full test run before publishing a review, but time is also of the essence, as I can save you 30% off of any order you place online through September 15th. If I tried everything for a week or more, then a few days to write the post, you'd have about 2 minutes to take advantage of the savings!

To receive your 30% discount off your entire purchase (cannot be combined with any other offer), simply use the coupon code SHOPAHOLIC during your checkout.

So... how'd I do for a first product review that wasn't my own products?

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How great is this?

I just received one of the best emails ever from a new customer. It's the little things like this that make all the hours I put in worth every second. Rather than say anything more, I'll let Stacy's email speak for itself:

I just ordered and started using your mineral makeup last week and i wanted to send an email telling you how great your products are! I used Bare Minerals for about 7 years and was never very satisfied with it, but at the time mineral makeup was new and there weren't many options on the market. A few months ago a switched to Lancome's mineral powder (which i think is just a normal powder foundation with the word "mineral" thrown in to get them on the bandwagon) and I liked much more but was really looking for something more natural. I spent a lot of time researching mineral makeups trying to find one that didn't contain ANY potentially harmful or irritating or pore clogging ingredients and it was only by luck that I stumbled across a review for your line. When I read your ingredients list I was sold...not only had I found makeup with everything I wanted (and more importantly without everything I didn't want) but it was also way less expensive.

I was sure there was a catch somewhere. When I made my order I resigned myself to getting it weeks later, but I received it within 3 days with free shipping on my $60 order. While I was a little frustrated at having to order products online and wait for them rather than have the instant gratification of picking them up at the store, with such fast shipping I actually prefer the ease of a few mouse clicks to driving across the city to fight the masses at the mall. I tried it out and while I am still getting used to some application differences I absolutely love the products. I ordered a starter kit so I could try out a few things and I like them all. I am so happy with how well the pure mineral foundation matches my skin tone on the first try. I had ordered Peaches 'n Cream, but got a sample of Fair Maiden just in case it was too dark. As it turns out PNC was perfect and I have used the slightly lighter FM as a concealer. I also tried the blush in Blushing and the Diamond Perfect Finish powder which I admit I am not sure I am using correctly (I use it underneath instead of on top of the foundation) but I still like. The blush brush left something to be desired but the synthetic kabuki brush is the nicest, softest most luxurious brush i have ever felt...I am definitely going to add another one to my next order.

My only slight complaint is that the sifter jars make quite a mess and a jar with a lid that you can twist to close off the holes would be nice. For the time being I have dumped my Lancome makeup out of the container (that has a twist-close lid) and have filled it with your makeup to make it more portable and less messy. It is a small inconvenience and by no means has diminished my satisfaction with your products. I can't wait to order more.

Keep up the awesome work!!!

Just to let everyone else know, as I told Stacy, I've been searching high and low for those twisty sifters. There is only one company that I've found, and the sifters don't fit my jars. Not that that's much of an issue, since you have to order 25,000 pieces/size. A way to keep the mess down when using for travel or your purse is to order a couple of empty 5 gram jars. The holes are smaller, and not as much comes spilling out. Besides, they take up far less room - leave the full sized jar in your bathroom, take the little ones with you.

Once again, thank you Stacy. You just gave be a much needed grin!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Won't You Be My Friend?

Purely Cosmetics Facebook Fan Page Ugh - who knew there was a difference between a product page, a "store", and lord knows what else on Facebook fan pages? Here I've had the wrong type of page all along (I was a "store" instead of a "product"). And I had so many fans too! After hours of clicking around, I finally discovered that you can't just switch the type of page you are; you have to create a whole new page. What a PITA. Anyway, I lost the whole day recreating our Fan page, but it's looking awfully lonely over there. Won'tcha come and join? Maybe post a "hi" on the wall so that it doesn't look like I'm just talking to myself?

Here's the link: See ya there :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Oops - Our mistake is your savings!

OK, I admit it. I screwed up. I thought I was ordering the waterproof gel eyeliners in 2 really cool new shades. Turns out, in my excitement, I didn't read things very carefully, and ended up buying Waterproof Creme Eye Shadows instead. These are NOT my Cream to Powder Shadow Singles, and I'm afraid that y'all will get confused between these creme shadows and my Cream to Powders.

Slate Waterproof Creme ShadowHeather Green Waterproof Creme Eye Shadow

So.... I need to dump them. I've knocked them down to a firesale price of $8.95 each. These shadows remind me sort of like UDPP - it goes on as a cream, but dries rapidly to become smudgeproof, crease-proof, and waterproof. The Slate is a charcoal grey, while the Heather Green reminds me of an army green with gold highlights. Buy them now, because once they're gone, they'll be gone for-evah!

Find them listed under "Eyes -> Closeouts" on the website, or click here.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Last 24(ish) Hours Left for Bionic Beauty's Giveaway

OMG, this giveaway hosted by Moi is taking off like gangbusters! At last count, there were over 225 comments on Bionic Beauty's 2nd Anniversary Celebration. The contest ends tomorrow (Saturday) night at midnight, EST. Have you gotten your entry in? Enter to win $100 of products in her All About The Eyes giveaway including:
  • 3 full sized loose powder shadows in your choice of colors;
  • 1 waterproof gel eyeliner in your choice of shade;
  • 2 Cream to Powder Singles in Nude and Black Opal
  • 5 piece shadow brush set, including a liner, shadow, foiling, blending, and small detail brush

AND... for those of you who have entered (or those who plan to in the next 24 hours), guess what? I just added 2 new Waterproof Gel Eyeliner colors: Electric Blue and Royal Purple. They are bee-u-tiful! If you've already entered and want to change your liner shade to one of the new colors, not to worry; I'll be recontacting the lucky random winner to confirm your color choices.

Remember: Tweets mentioning both @BionicBeauty and @PurelyCosmetics about the giveaway gets double entries, and posts on this blog (here) about how many reviews Jami has done of Purely Cosmetics products along with your favorite gets an extra $10 credit for use on any purchase!


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