Friday, July 31, 2009

It's all about the eyes - and it's FREE!

Know that "Bionic Beauty" badge I have over there ? That's because I'm a huge fan of the beauty blog, Bionic Beauty. OK, yes, she loves my products, but all bias aside, Bionic Beauty is a great blog for the everyday kinda gal. Jami is always sleuthing and posting about freebies she's found, great deals, and products that are readily available to everyone. And one of the few bloggers that isn't a MAC-aholic!

Jami's blog has been celebrating all through the month of July the anniversary of her second year. In just a mere two years, she's managed to get not only a huge readership (if you aren't subscribed to Bionic Beauty, get over there now and do it), but has been reblogged in Reuters, appeared in Ladie's Home Journal, OnMakeup Magazine, and countless other newspapers and magazines.

To help celebrate her 2 year milestone with such huge accomplishments, we are sponsoring a giveaway on her blog. Called "It's All About The Eyes", you can enter to win a prize package from me that consists of:

  • 3 full sized mineral eye shadows in your choice of shades;

  • Full sized Cream to Powder shadows in both Nude and Black Opal to act as a perfect shadow primer (read her review on how the Black Opal works as a primer here);

  • 1 Waterproof Gel Liner in your choice of colors; and a

  • 5 piece shadow brush set

Want to enter? Mosey on over to BionicBeauty and get all the details! This promotion is for readers worldwide (with a couple of exceptions). AND... if you read it carefully, you'll also see a bonus option for a $10 certificate by posting your answer and links on this post. Double entries for Twitter tweets mentioning the giveaway :) The entry deadline is midnight EST on August 6th.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

I had a fantastic time in Vegas at Cosmoprof. My feet were killing me from all the walking, and the heat hit as high as 122 degrees while driving there, but it was well worth it! I actually got to meet the owners of some of the companies I use as vendors (waves hi to Karen), scouted out some potential new items (I'm testing them now), and finally got to meet some of my favorite beauty bloggers (waves another hi to Jen, Lianne, Michael, and Shannon).

I never noticed how badly I needed some time off until after I got to Vegas and actually relaxed! It was so cool to be able to sit by the pool sipping a pina colada. Of course, attending the show cost next to nothing compared to the cost of everything else! Pina Coladas: $10 each. Large mocha in the am to get me kick started: $6.25 each (averaging at least two each morning). Average price of a steak: $36 (a la carte, of course). Tickets to Blue Man Group: $105 each with the Costco discount. Daily charge for internet access: $14.95 per day. Total spent: I don't want to know!

How many of you waited and said to yourself, "Heck, I'll hold off ordering since it's not going to ship for a week anyway"? I lied on the website, not knowing how bad the pile of waiting orders may have been, and would have rather have quoted a later shipping date and delivered early than the other way around. All orders placed have been shipped out today. Go me! For those of you who chose to wait, making it a little less of a nightmare to return to, I'll reward you for it. From now until Sunday night at midnight, I'm offering a FREE SHIPPING special. On any order of at least $20 placed before midnight CST, enter the code patience in the "redeem code" box upon checkout, and I'll ship anywhere in the world FIRST CLASS MAIL on my dime. The software has it's limitations, and will give you free shipping with the correct code regardless of the method you choose. NOTE: should you choose Priority Mail and use the coupon code, it's going to still get shipped First Class mail.

This isn't a very long time offer (I wasn't gone all that long either), so get your order of $20 or more placed before midnight CST on Sunday, July 26th!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Goes On In Vegas...

Betcha thought I was up to something fishy, huh? Actually, I'm up to something good!

Cosmoprof is the largest industry trade show for the beauty, spa, and hair industries. It's all happening beginning this weekend in Las Vegas, and I'll be attending. It's a wonderful chance for me to source some potential new vendors, see what's up and coming that looks cool, and meet in "3D" some of the great bloggers I've yapped with on Twitter. OK, and to take a bit of a much needed vacation.

And you care about this, why? Most of you know I usually ship orders faster than the speed of light, even if it means a mad rush to the main distribution center of the post office. I don't want you ordering while I'm out of town, then wondering why you haven't received your usual shipping notification two hours later. All orders placed prior to 3:00pm PST on Friday (tomorrow) will be shipped on time. After that, orders will not be shipped until July 23rd.

I will have access to my email (who could go anywhere and survive without internet access these days?), and plan to respond to inquiries, but will not be able to retrieve any voicemail messages or ship any orders. And I might be a little slow on the email response time - I'll be checking my email at least twice a day, but will hopefully be laying by the pool with an umbrella drink or donating my hard earned money to the casinos the rest of the time.

So check your stuff now and if you're running low on something, order before tomorrow afternoon! Otherwise, see ya when I get back.


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