Monday, June 01, 2009

Want To Feel Really Good Inside?

You might remember a post I made at the beginning of May that the blog A Girl's Gotta Spa was hosting a "Mom Get Glamorous" sweepstakes for one lucky and deserving mom. That winner of nearly $2300 worth of girlie stuff was announced last Friday. Trina Davidson was absolutely shocked to hear that her husband had entered her in the contest, and more floored to find out she had won! Check out her tweets when the winner was announced:

That alone was enough to give me the warm fuzzies. Surprise someone, and surprise them with a crap ton of stuff. It can't help but make anyone who reads those tweets smile.

Of course, she immediately blogged about it on her blog, A Daily Blessing. Her excitement just oozes all over the place - read her blog post here, and see if it doesn't make you smile too - no matter what kind of day you had. Today, she received our Face & Foundation Kit in the mail.

Now imagine this: you've just won so much stuff you'll never know what to do with it all. Chances are pretty likely that you'll love some stuff, like some stuff, and giveaway other stuff. Where did we fall? Love, of course! (I say humbly, with my chest bursting with pride) Trina was so excited that she immediately made up her tweenage daughter with everything she received, and look at the difference it makes:

I highly recommend going over to Trina's blog and reading her enthusiasm! While you're there, keep the excitement alive for her by leaving her a congrats comment!

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