Friday, June 05, 2009

No Mr. UPS Man Means You Still Have Time To Save!

As I wait impatiently for Mr. UPS Man to show up with my ingredients for the Diamond Perfect Finish (which better come today!), that means you still have an opportunity to register for our newsletter to get your super secret discount code to save 20% on your purchase of our latest and greatest product!

I did have enough of the sample ingredients used to be able to at least fill a jar to photograph and weigh so that I can have a price! The Diamond Perfect Finish finishing powder once available, will be $17.50 for a 20 gram jar (net weight of 6 grams). I will not be sending out the newsletter with the discount code until I actually have something to sell. Everything is set and ready to go once Mr. UPS Man rings my doorbell.

I don't send out tons of newsletters (I've yet to do it even once), so you're not going to be spammed a whole bunch by us. But if you sign up for an account (or make sure that if you already have an account, you're subsribed to the newsletter), you'll be sent a coupon code to be able to purchase this great product for only $14.00. This introductory offer will be good for one week only, beginning whenever Mr. UPS Man blesses me.


  1. Why Mr. UPS Man is always late? I always wait for my hauls and he doesn't come and visit me soon enough :/ Well, the better for us this time, I just made my order ;)

  2. And I just filled it :)

    I think Mr. UPS Man has a secret crush on my and wants me to be the last person he sees before going home, lol.


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