Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day at IMATS

After the fantastic time I had at The Makeup Show, I was really looking forward to attending this year's IMATS (International Makeup Artists Trade Show) show. It was quite a bit different than I had imagined it would be.

My first clue should probably have been the date of the 2 day long show: Father's Day weekend. Immediately, it became a one day show for me, even though I had a two day pass. Somehow, I didn't think my father-in-law nor my husband would understand me ditching their day for yet more makeup. Check the calendar: my daughter has a swim meet that morning. Bump this 2 day event down to a half day jaunt even before I can blink. The meet ends late, and now I've got just a couple of hours to whiz through the whole show, and have missed a bunch of people I was hoping to finally get to meet.

Since the swim meet ran late, I missed Eve Pearl's presentation. Sigh. I did catch her at the Naime's booth, and she's hysterical! That poor woman was doing mini-makeovers non-stop!

One of my mistakes in my expectations was that this was a makeup artist show. I attend these shows to gleam information, see what the trends will be, meet people I Twitter with in person, and to see what the buzz is about some of the more trendy brands. Makeup artist don't focus on everyday folk - they use all sorts of different stuff to make people look like you and I could only dream about. A lot of them are in the special effects side of things. Which makes for some cool photos:

As far as makeup that you and I would use, what did I see? The usual helacious line at the MUFE booth, the MAC Pro counter (that I couldn't buy anything at even if I saw something I wanted), several small companies selling trying to capitalize on the term "pigment" that MAC popularized - but were really no more than colored micas purchased in bulk and repacked into small jars - with no base powders to add adhesion, and a few brush companies that didn't have anything new I hadn't already seen.

But... all was not lost! I did get to catch a couple of other bloggers I wanted to meet, and didn't go home completely empty handed (oh yeah - another downside to arriving late: no swag bags left, boo hoo). I bought a crap-ton of Parian Spirit wipes. Although I wash my brushes religiously, these wipes are great for my stippler brush. I've got this thing about seeing dirty white tips, and washing duo-fiber brushes is always a challenge to keep the black dye from running from the goat hair part into the fiber optic part.
I bought more of those puppies than everyone else combined! My "big" haul. Oh well - Cosmoprof is next month :)


  1. Too bad I missed you! But it was such a great show. I really wish I could have spent more time there.

  2. Awwww I'm sad we missed each other!

  3. I was looking for you Nessa! I saw Pursebuzz, but she doesn't know me; thought I was somebody named Amy. I was going to text you, but my hands were pretty full and I couldn't hear my phone anyway :( Didja get a nice haul?


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