Monday, May 04, 2009

Are You A Deserving Mom?

We're honored to say that we are a part of one heck of a contest for one very special, deserving mom out there. Are you that special person, or do you know someone who is?

Check out A Girl's Gotta Spa's Get Glamourous Giveaway. Shannon Nelson has put together a sweepstakes package for one very lucky mom. Shannon, a mother herself of young boys with special needs while managing a career, knows how trying life can be, and how just a little something special can carry somebody a long, long way. Well this is not just something "special" like a few goodies thrown together at the last minute - you're looking at a prize package worth nearly $2300!!!

For a booty like that, you know this isn't just for some random person who posts a comment on her blog. Shannon, along with 3 other judges, are looking for that very deserving mom: one who has overcome adversity, who puts everyone else's needs before hers (hence this super-duper pamper package), who goes the extra mile. The contest begins today, and continues through May 26th. If you want to enter, or nominate someone else, visit Shannon's blog and details here.


  1. Happy early mother's day Robyn!

  2. Thank you! Though truly, Mother's Day is a misnomer - they should call it Grandmother's Day! I'm cooking brunch for my mom, then over to sis-in-laws for my mother-in-law!


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