Monday, March 16, 2009

The Makeup Show LA (with pics)

Yesterday's Makeup Show in LA was an absolute blast! More importantly, I didn't make a complete fool of myself as a participant in the Blogger's Forum, hosted by Elke Von Freudenberg. The seats were full enough that you'd think they came to hear Billy B speak! It was especially nerve-racking for me, as I was joined on stage by Elke, Felicia of ThisThatBeauty (who was listed in OnMakeup as one of the top beauty bloggers, BTW), and Vanessa of NessasaryMakeup (who has like a bajillion readers). Notice how there are 3 well known and respected women in the industry -- and me. That's Nessa on the left, and Elke on the right in the picture - I'm not quite sure what happened to Felicia!

I was able to give a unique perspective to other bloggers, being the only one that blogs about her business and uses her blog as a means to educate my customers, announce new products, and provide more in-depth detail about some of my products that you can't really do on the website. Know what made me feel the absolute best? People were actually nodding their heads in agreement when I spoke!!! Now THAT gave me the warm fuzzies :)

AND... I finally got to meet people live that I've been speaking with for close to a year over Twitter and various blogs, like Kerris from Pumps and Gloss, and believe it or not, Nessa. I've offered my house to her during the fires last year, but had never met her live and in the flesh!

The worst part about the show? Oh, my aching feet! Hours upon hours of walking on concrete (even if I was wearing flats) did not bode well for this aged body!

Oops - I had to edit this post with one last pic. Check out the body painting job!


  1. Hi Robyn.. You were were absolutely wonderful on our beauty blogging panel, and I wouldn't have done it without you! So glad you could share your knowledge and insight... thanks again for a fantastic job. :) elke

  2. YAY! So glad you had a blast!

  3. Congratulations Robyn! That's great news and I wish I could have been there to cheer you on. I'm so proud of you ;-)

  4. You go girl! That is totally awesome & I'm glad you had a BLAST!


  5. You did a great job on the panel!! It was great meeting you.

    Next time, we meet up for drinks (as in juice) lol and such.


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