Monday, March 30, 2009

Tubular Mascara: Blinc vs L'Oreal

A couple of months ago, I was at a spa show and saw the Blinc Kiss Me masacara for the first time -I know, I live in a cave. I was really intrigued by the idea of a mascara that you "paint" on, and never really attaches to your lashes. It's not waterproof, but it doesn't smudge, rub off, or even come off with just water. As intrigued as I was about the idea, I wasn't so exicted that I could get myself to plop down $25 for a tube of mascara. Especially when at a show, there's nothing for you to actually try out to see what the heck this is. I left the show without purchasing any Blinc, but still pondering the idea of tubular mascara.

A couple of days later, I purchased the L'Oreal Double Extend at the grocery store for roughly half the price. Still twice the price of your regular drugstore brands, but a lot less of an investment to find out WTF this stuff is. It's actually pretty cool, and lives up to it's name. The notion of "racoon eyes" is completely gone when it comes to tubular mascara. I had a pretty emotional day one day while wearing it, ended up crying for an hour or fifty, and what did come off, you just flick away! I wash my face before going to bed, but I can't say that I always get all my mascara off. No problem - it'll be right where you left it when you wake up.

Fast forward to The Makeup Show - LA. Knowing now what the concept of tubular mascara is, I break down and buy Blinc's Kiss Me (don't get used to that name, btw - they're now just "Blinc") Mascara, the Eyelash Primer, and even their really cool looking heated eyelash curler. Is there a difference between the two other than price? Heck yes - to see both visually (warning ahead - pics of me can scare small children) and my opinions as to the differences, read on.

As you can see, the differences start with the primer. L'Oreal's is composed of fibers, and is the white primer we are all used to. I'm not a contact lense wearer, but from what I understand, those fibers can be an issue for those who do. Blinc's primer is thinner, and clear. Here's what they look like on:

Differences between the primers:
If your lashes are light like mine, they're a lot easier to find with the white L'Oreal primer, and one coat will do you. I found that I needed to use a couple of coats on the Blinc. However, the feel of the Blinc is much smoother, where with the L'Oreal, one can really feel those fibers - which, IMHO, isn't a positive. With the L'Oreal version, you need to work quickly - get that mascara on over the primer fast! You must wait at least 30 seconds before applying a second coat of Blinc's primer. Short downfall - especially if you're in a hurry.

As I said, work fast with L'Oreal. This stuff dries fast. Once it's dried, you're not adding any more layers. This actually stands true for both brands, but Blinc gives you 2 minutes to add your additional layers.

The photos below show application of both with 2 layers of mascara applied. It's a little deceptive, as my right eye is smaller than my left (which drives me batty). The L'Oreal gives more length, but I also discovered that at the end of the day, my eyelashes actually started to hurt because they were getting dried out. I didn't have the same issue with Blinc.

Ease of removal:
Huge difference here. Both mascaras are meant to not come off with pressure (ie: rubbing your eyes), nor with water (think crying), but the combination of the two is what will remove it. This is the case with Blinc, but definately not with L'Oreal. I found it darn near impossible to remove without lotsa warm water and soap. Perhaps this is why it also dried out my lashes so much. I prefer the Blinc's easier method of taking their product off, but your mileage may vary, depending on what you really want.

All of these photos were taken early in the morning when my eyes still looked like crap, and I had no makeup on, as I knew I'd be washing off the L'Oreal before getting ready for the day. Here's the final Blinc version only, after using the heated curler as well (which seem to compensate for the difference in length between the two):

I know, you don't see much difference between with my eyes made up and without. Next time I do something like this, I need a makeup artist to do me up! What was the whole point of this long-winded post? I wanted to know if the difference in price was worth it (yes!), and whether it's a viable product to carry in my line (another yes). It looks like I'll be carrying all 3 of the lash items: primer, mascara, and the heated curler (now THAT is way cool - no lash crimping!). What's your opinion? Have you tried one or the other? If I carry it, will you buy it?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Live in California? Save Money & Help Stimulate The Economy

Just your friendly reminder that the California state sales tax increases by 1% in only 4 days. Shop now, shop fast, save some dough! Come April 1st, you're coughing up more money on any purchase.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Behind the Scenes Look at Moi

Ever wonder what it's like on this side of the computer monitor? Christie Ingram and I "met" over on Twitter (my other home) quite awhile ago, and apparently, she found me interesting enough to do an interview and blog post about me on WHAM Talk Radio. It's weird to see yourself written about. I'm not gonna spill the beans here, but it does make for some good reading, if I do say so myself. Check out their latest post about ME!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Show My Sister (and niece) Some Love!

My sister, a full time attorney who's been subject to countless bank buyouts and other financial industry disasters, and my niece, a college student with dreams of the Big Screen, have taken after me & started their own bath, body and spa shop on Etsy, called Spahhsensations. Like a sister would, her emphasis is on quality at a good value to you.

Since she's just starting out, her wares aren't many, but they're good, and come in a variety of scents. She has bath bombs (3 for $5.25) in 10 different scents, Dead Sea Salts (4 tubes, $4), foaming facial wash (4oz, $5.25; available in 3 scents), and my personal fav, a Dead Sea Salt Scrub in 3 different scents.
So help her out - go buy something from Spahhsensations! Tell her Robyn sent ya :)

BRAINSTORM!!! The first person who buys from my sister's shop will get $5 off their next purchase from me. Make sure she knows you came from Purely Cosmetics, and then let me know by email at cs (at) who you are, and I'll send you the gift certificate.

I Made The "Top Picks"!

I think my single biggest challenge so far has been matching the Decorative Diva Phyrra's skin tone. She has such a mix of both undertones and overtones, that it took what seemed to be a million stabs before we got it right. In the meantime, she had a much easier time with my eye shadows (Soft Moon and Emerald City being two of her fav's). Check out this look she did with Soft Moon, Silver, and Sapphire Night - isn't it gorgeous?

Even better than that though, is the huge compliment she gave me when she posted her top picks for mineral makeup brands, and guess who's listed! Yay! Read what Phyrra has to say about Purely Cosmetics on her blog post here. Thanks, Phyrra!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Manners Suck!

So many wonderful bloggers out there have done fabulous reviews of my products, and although I'm quick to add them to my media page, Facebook, and stumble them, I've been remiss in thanking them properly on this blog as well. Without you guys, I'd have no business to speak of, and I appreciate all you've done for me.
  • Jami, my wonderful supporter from Bionic Beauty, who's reviews and mentions of my products are so numerous, you have to click here to read them all!
  • Jen Hill, of MythbusterBeauty turned me to 2 others as well: Mo did a review of my foundations, and Decorated Diva originally started with the Coral Blush in February. Yesterday, she got some more goodies, and was thrilled before she'd gotten a chance to even wear any of them! See her reaction here.
  • I couldn't possibly say enough about Vanessa of Nessasary Makeup. Like Jami, it seems that she supports me at every opportunity she can, and I was so thrilled to finally meet her at the Makeup Show this last weekend. Another one who's posted so much you couldn't possibly read them all without doing a search - or, to make it easier, click here.
  • Josie, from the Daily Beauty Break really gave me the warm fuzzies with her review!

And these are all just from March! Ladies, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Makeup Show LA (with pics)

Yesterday's Makeup Show in LA was an absolute blast! More importantly, I didn't make a complete fool of myself as a participant in the Blogger's Forum, hosted by Elke Von Freudenberg. The seats were full enough that you'd think they came to hear Billy B speak! It was especially nerve-racking for me, as I was joined on stage by Elke, Felicia of ThisThatBeauty (who was listed in OnMakeup as one of the top beauty bloggers, BTW), and Vanessa of NessasaryMakeup (who has like a bajillion readers). Notice how there are 3 well known and respected women in the industry -- and me. That's Nessa on the left, and Elke on the right in the picture - I'm not quite sure what happened to Felicia!

I was able to give a unique perspective to other bloggers, being the only one that blogs about her business and uses her blog as a means to educate my customers, announce new products, and provide more in-depth detail about some of my products that you can't really do on the website. Know what made me feel the absolute best? People were actually nodding their heads in agreement when I spoke!!! Now THAT gave me the warm fuzzies :)

AND... I finally got to meet people live that I've been speaking with for close to a year over Twitter and various blogs, like Kerris from Pumps and Gloss, and believe it or not, Nessa. I've offered my house to her during the fires last year, but had never met her live and in the flesh!

The worst part about the show? Oh, my aching feet! Hours upon hours of walking on concrete (even if I was wearing flats) did not bode well for this aged body!

Oops - I had to edit this post with one last pic. Check out the body painting job!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Me At The Makeup Show In LA

Wow! I've been invited to participate in the Blogger's forum at the Makeup Show in LA this weekend. Don't tell anyone, but I'm really, really nervous. What if I sound like a dolt?

Regardless, I'm honored to be invited to participate by the Queen of the Beauty Blog Network, Elke Von Freudenberg to participate in the Blogger's Forum at The Makeup Show on Sunday, March 15th. The Makeup Show is making it's first trip to LA; it's always been only in New York, and I'm really excited about attending. I've even conned my pal Vanessa of NessasaryMakeup to join me at the forum (misery loves company, lol), and am really excited to finally meet her in "3D". No matter whether you're a makeup artist or a makeup junkie, this is a must see event! Will you be there? Hunt me down!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Attention Brush Whores!

Hi, my name is Robyn, and I'm a brush whore. There, I've said it. I collect makeup brushes like others collect shoes. I'm also pretty anal about them, and am vigilant about washing them at least weekly (shadow brushes get washed daily, since I constantly change my shadow colors).

I found a really, really cool item for brushes: The Brush Guard. The Brush Guard is made of a flexible plastic that is stretchy (I have no idea what it's made of, but it's patented). I store all of my burhses in a cup on my bathroom counter. Since it's jammed packed with brushes, I have trouble with stray hairs from jamming my brushes back into the cup. These protectors safely wrap all my brush heads so that I don't have to worry about that anymore. More importantly, they retain your brush's original shape, and can is made of a stiff enough plastic that you can slide this breathable sleeve over your freshly washed brush and be able to stand it on end to dry, preventing water from gettting into the glue of the ferrule. You can protect your brushes for travel or in your purse.


I've ordered a boatload of these puppies, and once they arrive, all brush orders will now automatically be wrapped in a Brush Guard sleeve. Added value, no added cost!

If you're curious to see The Brush Guard live and in person, check out their video:


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