Thursday, January 01, 2009

The "To Do" List

Is your "to do" list a mile long like mine is? And I bet you're like me, and get to maybe 1/10th of that list each day. Subconsciously, that list is divided into parts: absolutely, positively gotta do it no matter what (like pay your real estate taxes before midnight the day they're due), really "need" to do, and "would like to do's". Somehow, I never get to that last type unless I'm looking for a reason to procrastinate doing one from the "need to do" category.

There are certain things I religiously do every January 1st while everyone else is watching football, many of which should be done more frequently. The beginning of a new year is a good ear marker for me to:
  • Backup all my computer data files onto a CD or a jump drive;
  • Clean out all my files & start new ones for the coming year;
  • Throw out & replace my mascara, old moisturizers, lotions, etc;
  • Clean out under my sink; throwing out old toiletries and discovering where I hid the extras of ________.
  • Go through my medicine cabinet & dispose of all my expired medications (I learned from the hospice that took care of my dad - don't flush those; pitch 'em instead); and
  • Replace my canned goods in the earthquake kit/trashcan (do people who live in hurricane or tornado-prone areas have something similar?)

After doing all that, I need a nap! One more last thing for YOUR to do list: don't forget to leave a review on my website for any of my products you've used to get an entry into the 10 brush set giveaway. Each review counts as a separate entry. It doesn't matter if you bought the item, received a sample of it from My Pretty Pink Box, or you're a blogger who's reviewed my product(s). I can talk about my stuff until I'm blue in the face, but impartial feedback is invaluable for others who are new to Purely Cosmetics. Oh - and the deadline has been extended until January 7th: I'm taking a few days off to kill myself skiing.

Happy New Year to all of you!

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