Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Semi-Scientific Experiment: UDPP vs PurelyCosmetics' Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant

After reading on virtually every beauty blog out there about eye shadow primers, and the overwhelming popularity of Urban Decay's Primer Potion, I strolled on over (OK, schlepped over - it's a 30 mile drive each way) to Sephora and bought some UDPP, along with Nars Orgasm blush to dupe. I liked the primer pretty well - despite the fact that I seem to be straying more and more away from all natural ingredients, much to my chagrin. But... you make something with liquid, you gotta have preservatives in it. Then I added the Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant to my line to offer a primer for those who prefer to use them. And since I make most of my shadows buildable (us old folk like the more subtle look), it's a quicker way to get bolder colors.

THEN, I started reading about the deception of UDPP due to the shape of their bottle. Yeah, it's cute and unusually shaped, never thought twice about it - some of my shampoo bottles are oddly shaped, what's the diff? Cut open the jar, and you'll see that the primer is too thick to sink down as you use it up - it sticks to the sides of the jar like this (you can see the hole where the wand goes):

You're never, ever gonna get the stuff off the sides and get your $16 worth of product without depotting it!

So, I depotted mine. You have to cut near the top like shown above, scoop it all out, then cut again at the bottom where you'll find even more product your wand would never reach. Like so:

What a lot of work to go through to get your money's worth! Especially since you paid $16 for 1/3 of an ounce, that if you aren't careful, will dry up before you can use it all - depotted or not.

Now for the semi-scientific part.
The first thing I did was apply UDPP to part of the back of my hand, and timed how long it took to dry sufficiently to apply shadow (which would be the amount of time you need to let it dry on your lids before applying shadow). Then I swatched my hand with my Chocolate Raspberry shadow using the same amount of shadow and pressure both straight up and applied over UDPP. Finally, I wet the brush with a drop of my Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant, dipped the brush into the loose powdered shadow, and applied to my hand, timing how long before that combination was dry to the touch. The Urban Decay Primer Potion took 61.05 seconds to dry, and was more vibrant than using the eye shadow with no primer applied. The Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant dried in only 19.69 seconds, and produced an even more dramatic pigmentation.

Next test: the running water trick. Rather than running around with a striped hand all day, I test staying power by running my hand beneath a faucet of running water to see what remains after. The loose shadow washed off nearly completely - no surprise there. Both the UDPP and sealant swatches remained on pretty well, though there was still more color left on the sealant swatch than the primer potion:

What really did surprise me was removing the rest from my hand. After washing with soap and water, I still showed some traces of color on the sealant swatch, and had to dry, then wash my hands again before it was completely washed off!

So there you have it. Cool looking bottle that you need to slice and dice to use thoroughly, or ugly looking boring squeeze bottle that lasts forever.


  1. What a fantasmic article! The depotting idea is a must for gals who use UDPP already and I guess I'll have to try your sealant. What a vibrant color! I've never used primer or sealer, so this will be a first... but there's a first for everything. Just another soon-to-be addiction to add to my list.

    Thanks SO much for this informative read, Robyn!

  2. Wow Robyn - thanks for such a thorough review of this - I'm miserable about my UDPP bottle too, I really need to cut n scrape into mine...

    but looks like my butt needs to mosey on down to your store and try out your Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant and share it with my bloggers.
    I'm always looking for a good shadow primer!!!

    Thank YOU!!!!!

  3. What a great read! Now I need to get my hands on your sealant! I just bought a new udpp, so maybe when I'm halfway through...

  4. Make sure you depot the one you just bought, or you'll be out of it before you know it!

  5. Great article! I have to wait till I can't get any more out of my udpp before I can depot it, mine dries out far to quickly after depotting, no matter what I put it in. The fact is, no matter how air tight your container is, your still exposing it to the air while your dipping in...I'm certainly interested in your sealant though!!! Off I go to take a peek!

  6. this looks like a bargain to me : ) very nice!

  7. That's pretty cool ;) I like the mineral eyeliner sealant that I have, and it looks like yours probably lasts longer than my current one. I did a comparison a while back between UDPP, TFSI, MAC Paint Pot and Aromaleigh's Eye Shadow Primer. I had been using paint pots for forever, so I naturally thought they were the best. I got the best results with TFSI and AL's E/S P. I totally should have added the mineral eyeliner sealant that I have to the test, because that's what I use whenever I foil. I refuse to buy UDPP for two reasons: 1 it creased on me, 2 the bottle shape. For some reason Paint Pots and TFSI do not crease on me, but AL's and UDPP do crease. Though AL's doesn't crease too badly.

    Thanks again for the review :)


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