Monday, January 12, 2009

New Stuff & Reduced Prices

We added a few new Duo Fiber Stippler Brush things to our line in the last couple of weeks. By popular request, we now carry a dual fiber stippler brush - a great tool for applying bronzers or blushes when you want a softer, less defined focus. Unlike a standard blush brush, you don't apply in a sweeping motion - you "push" or "dot" on your color. The head of the brush has fibers of different lengths, giving an application that covers a larger area with a softer look. This is a long handled brush, measuring just under 7 1/2".

Most of our new products are for the eyes.

We'Waterproof Gel Eyelinerve added a new color to the Waterproof Gel Eyeliners, called Tidal Wave. Though the picture shows it to be brighter than it really is (it's more of a smokey blue), I did that so you could more clearly see the highlights. We now carry 4 different shades of Waterproof Gel Eyeliners: Black Cherry (Bionic-Beauty's fav), Black Out, Chocolate Mousse, and now Tidal Wave.

We've also added some 2 new eye shadow colors: Rose Beige (great combined with Chocolate Raspberry) and Burnished Copper - a dramatic, deep copper shade.

Finally, we've added a mineral eye shadow sealant. No need for using a primer underneEye Shadow Primerath your shadow. Simply put a small drop of sealant on your brush before adding the shadow and apply. The sealant dries almost instantaneously, so no worries about using it to wetline and ending up with your liner on your upper lids. I like it much better than UDPP, as it dries much faster and lasts longer (not to mention that it's also less expensive). This sealant will keep any shadow from creasing, smudging or disappearing later in the day. Please note: this is NOT a natural product, and does contain parabens, however, you're only using a drop at a time.

Now the good news:
All eye shadow prices have been reduced from $7.95 to $6.50!!

Given that a single color will last you forever even with daily use, this new price beats even the inexpensive drug store brands.
Happy Shopping!

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