Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We've Partnered! Want Bath & Body/Skincare Products?

Having a natural makeup line, I frequently get requests from customers who want a similar option for skin care and/or bath & body products. I'm a firm believer in the saying "Jack of all trades - master of NONE." I don't do skin care. BUT... I've now partnered with a fantastic skin care line: Garden Girl Skincare.

Garden GirlGarden Girl's products are free from parabens, petroleum and mineral oil based chemicals, and are phthalate and sulphate-free. Only the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oils are used, along with effective natural ingredients beneficial to various skin conditions.

A full line of skin care products are offered, including:

  • Face cleansers and toners;
  • Anti-Aging Serums;
  • Eye Creams, Moisturizers and Face Creams;
  • Microdermabrasion creams (a personal favorite);
  • Facial Masques (another personal favorite); and
  • Skin Brighteners

That's just the skin care! There's also body scrubs, body butters, body lotions, bath/shower gels, bath salts, the greatest hand cream on the planet, and baby products.

Since Garden Girl knows skin and not cosmetics, and Purely Cosmetics doesn't do skin, we're a perfect match made in heaven! To incent you to try their products, we're offering 15% discounts off of your first purchase when referred by Purely Cosmetics. Just make sure you enter the code PCFIRST (case sensitive) in the "redeem code" box on the order form, and 15% will be automatically deducted from your purchase! Here's the url: And don't forget to enter that discount code!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Semi-Scientific Experiment: UDPP vs PurelyCosmetics' Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant

After reading on virtually every beauty blog out there about eye shadow primers, and the overwhelming popularity of Urban Decay's Primer Potion, I strolled on over (OK, schlepped over - it's a 30 mile drive each way) to Sephora and bought some UDPP, along with Nars Orgasm blush to dupe. I liked the primer pretty well - despite the fact that I seem to be straying more and more away from all natural ingredients, much to my chagrin. But... you make something with liquid, you gotta have preservatives in it. Then I added the Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant to my line to offer a primer for those who prefer to use them. And since I make most of my shadows buildable (us old folk like the more subtle look), it's a quicker way to get bolder colors.

THEN, I started reading about the deception of UDPP due to the shape of their bottle. Yeah, it's cute and unusually shaped, never thought twice about it - some of my shampoo bottles are oddly shaped, what's the diff? Cut open the jar, and you'll see that the primer is too thick to sink down as you use it up - it sticks to the sides of the jar like this (you can see the hole where the wand goes):

You're never, ever gonna get the stuff off the sides and get your $16 worth of product without depotting it!

So, I depotted mine. You have to cut near the top like shown above, scoop it all out, then cut again at the bottom where you'll find even more product your wand would never reach. Like so:

What a lot of work to go through to get your money's worth! Especially since you paid $16 for 1/3 of an ounce, that if you aren't careful, will dry up before you can use it all - depotted or not.

Now for the semi-scientific part.
The first thing I did was apply UDPP to part of the back of my hand, and timed how long it took to dry sufficiently to apply shadow (which would be the amount of time you need to let it dry on your lids before applying shadow). Then I swatched my hand with my Chocolate Raspberry shadow using the same amount of shadow and pressure both straight up and applied over UDPP. Finally, I wet the brush with a drop of my Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant, dipped the brush into the loose powdered shadow, and applied to my hand, timing how long before that combination was dry to the touch. The Urban Decay Primer Potion took 61.05 seconds to dry, and was more vibrant than using the eye shadow with no primer applied. The Mineral Eye Shadow Sealant dried in only 19.69 seconds, and produced an even more dramatic pigmentation.

Next test: the running water trick. Rather than running around with a striped hand all day, I test staying power by running my hand beneath a faucet of running water to see what remains after. The loose shadow washed off nearly completely - no surprise there. Both the UDPP and sealant swatches remained on pretty well, though there was still more color left on the sealant swatch than the primer potion:

What really did surprise me was removing the rest from my hand. After washing with soap and water, I still showed some traces of color on the sealant swatch, and had to dry, then wash my hands again before it was completely washed off!

So there you have it. Cool looking bottle that you need to slice and dice to use thoroughly, or ugly looking boring squeeze bottle that lasts forever.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another FREE Giveaway!

I'm sponsoring another free giveaway. This time, it's my Eye Shadow Starter Kit on the popular blog/shopping site Sparkle *Shelf.

Sparkle*Shelf Free Giveaway

Included in this set are:

  • 5 Full size eye shadows in some of our best selling colors: Silver, Charcoal Smoke, Rose Beige, Chocolate Raspberry & Nearly Nude Shimmer;

  • Deluxe Eye Shadow Brush;

  • Angled Eye Liner Brush; and also thrown in,

  • Mni Detail Brush to get small areas like the inside corner of your eyes

There's nothing you have to do to win the kit. Just visit Sparkle *Shelf and enter your name. You can enter as many times as you'd like between now and midnight on January 16th. A random entry will be chosen by the folks behind Sparkle *Shelf on Saturday.

Monday, January 12, 2009

New Stuff & Reduced Prices

We added a few new Duo Fiber Stippler Brush things to our line in the last couple of weeks. By popular request, we now carry a dual fiber stippler brush - a great tool for applying bronzers or blushes when you want a softer, less defined focus. Unlike a standard blush brush, you don't apply in a sweeping motion - you "push" or "dot" on your color. The head of the brush has fibers of different lengths, giving an application that covers a larger area with a softer look. This is a long handled brush, measuring just under 7 1/2".

Most of our new products are for the eyes.

We'Waterproof Gel Eyelinerve added a new color to the Waterproof Gel Eyeliners, called Tidal Wave. Though the picture shows it to be brighter than it really is (it's more of a smokey blue), I did that so you could more clearly see the highlights. We now carry 4 different shades of Waterproof Gel Eyeliners: Black Cherry (Bionic-Beauty's fav), Black Out, Chocolate Mousse, and now Tidal Wave.

We've also added some 2 new eye shadow colors: Rose Beige (great combined with Chocolate Raspberry) and Burnished Copper - a dramatic, deep copper shade.

Finally, we've added a mineral eye shadow sealant. No need for using a primer underneEye Shadow Primerath your shadow. Simply put a small drop of sealant on your brush before adding the shadow and apply. The sealant dries almost instantaneously, so no worries about using it to wetline and ending up with your liner on your upper lids. I like it much better than UDPP, as it dries much faster and lasts longer (not to mention that it's also less expensive). This sealant will keep any shadow from creasing, smudging or disappearing later in the day. Please note: this is NOT a natural product, and does contain parabens, however, you're only using a drop at a time.

Now the good news:
All eye shadow prices have been reduced from $7.95 to $6.50!!

Given that a single color will last you forever even with daily use, this new price beats even the inexpensive drug store brands.
Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

And The Winner Is....

I'm a little late in announcing the winner for the Free Brush Set Giveaway - yesterday went by in a complete blur! But thankfully, I'm almost caught up. Brittany K is now the proud recipient of this very cool 10 piece brush set:

Congratulations Brittany! I'll get this out to you in today's mail. Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Are Mini-Vacations Worth It?

I haven't had any time off in several years, unless you count the family vacations with all the in-laws (which I don't, since they are NOT vacations!), so we took 3 days off to go skiing using a condo of one of my husband's clients. Me, my husband, daughter, and her boyfriend (ack). Every day for the last year, orders have gone relatively smoothly, and I figured all I had to do was stick up a notice that any orders placed between Sunday and yesterday would ship today, and that would be that. WRONG! Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong when you're on a mountain with spotty cell phone reception and internet access.

Here's what I've learned about those quickie trips:
  • I am not a skier. Buying a lift ticket to ski 4 runs and poop out is an expensive way to go.
  • You can't get your credit card processor and your merchant account to talk to each other when you need them to and you can't be in front of a computer and on your cell phone at the same time when your only reception is outside the building.
  • I can't sleep without my dog sharing my pillow anymore.
  • I am a beach person, not a snow gal. Except for the innertubing.
  • Having your 15 year old daughter and her boyfriend together makes you very nervous. I am not ready for her to grow up!
  • It will take me twice as long as I was gone to catch up on everything.

But... I'm back! Please have patience with me - I've got many phone calls to return, and a boatload of orders to ship. The quick and easy ones were filled late last night and shipped today. I'm hoping to get the rest out today, but it may take until tomorrow. If I haven't responded to you, I will get there - eventually.

Next time I go away, I'm making it worthwhile. Somewhere with a beach and fru-fru drinks, and no less than a week. If I'm going to come back to disaster, I may as well enjoy myself while I'm gone!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Gone Fishin...

I haven't had a vacation in quite a few years, and desperately need some time off. Though it's not Fiji, or even a weekend in Vegas, I'm off for a couple of days of R&R in Mammoth Mountain to go skiing (I'm not much of a skiier, but hey, time off is time off!) with my husband, daughter, and her boyfriend (GAK). It's a short trip - leaving on Sunday, skiing on Monday and half of Tuesday, returning Tuesday night. We'll be spending as much time driving as we will be vacationing!

As a result, all orders placed between now and January 6th will ship out beginning Wednesday, January 7th.

C'ya! Hopefully, I'll come back with all bones intact.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The "To Do" List

Is your "to do" list a mile long like mine is? And I bet you're like me, and get to maybe 1/10th of that list each day. Subconsciously, that list is divided into parts: absolutely, positively gotta do it no matter what (like pay your real estate taxes before midnight the day they're due), really "need" to do, and "would like to do's". Somehow, I never get to that last type unless I'm looking for a reason to procrastinate doing one from the "need to do" category.

There are certain things I religiously do every January 1st while everyone else is watching football, many of which should be done more frequently. The beginning of a new year is a good ear marker for me to:
  • Backup all my computer data files onto a CD or a jump drive;
  • Clean out all my files & start new ones for the coming year;
  • Throw out & replace my mascara, old moisturizers, lotions, etc;
  • Clean out under my sink; throwing out old toiletries and discovering where I hid the extras of ________.
  • Go through my medicine cabinet & dispose of all my expired medications (I learned from the hospice that took care of my dad - don't flush those; pitch 'em instead); and
  • Replace my canned goods in the earthquake kit/trashcan (do people who live in hurricane or tornado-prone areas have something similar?)

After doing all that, I need a nap! One more last thing for YOUR to do list: don't forget to leave a review on my website for any of my products you've used to get an entry into the 10 brush set giveaway. Each review counts as a separate entry. It doesn't matter if you bought the item, received a sample of it from My Pretty Pink Box, or you're a blogger who's reviewed my product(s). I can talk about my stuff until I'm blue in the face, but impartial feedback is invaluable for others who are new to Purely Cosmetics. Oh - and the deadline has been extended until January 7th: I'm taking a few days off to kill myself skiing.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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