Saturday, December 20, 2008

FREE Giveaway!

We're giving away this 10 piece super deluxe brush set to a good home.

This 10 brush set, with a snap leatherette case, retails for $60.00. Brushes included are:
  • Powder Brush (first cut goat hair);
  • Blush Brush (first cut goat hair);
  • Eye Shadow Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Concealer Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Angle Shadow Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Angle Lip Brush (Taklon);
  • Fan Brush (Taklon);
  • Lip Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Eyeliner Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Sponge Shadow Brush

No purchase is necessary. So how do you get it? Visit our website, select any product you've ordered, and leave a review on the website for that product. Then come back here and leave a comment where you left the review. You can only leave one comment per individual item, but you can leave multiple comments for different products. Each comment counts as a seperate entry. The winner will be selected randomly from the entries on Jan 7th. This might become a regular quarterly thing!


  1. I posted a review on your website under the dark matte brown eyeshadow. I think I typed too much though because only a little bit of it showed up. Ah well, awesome product :)

  2. Nope, it's all there - you just have to click on your name to read the rest of it. I'm glad you liked it! Don't forget to use your Pretty Pink Box coupon code before it expires :)

  3. I'm so glad I heard of your company through my friend, I love your colors that I got from her! I did a review on Purple Diamond, so pretty.

  4. I also did a review on the 2nd color I have, Spring Green <3


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