Friday, December 26, 2008

25% Off!

Cream to Powder Eye Shadow PalettesI know the economy is down (significantly), and we all have less to spend. For a limited time only, our Cream to Powder 10 Shadow Palettes are now fire sale priced at 25% off! These palettes are made of very expensive ingredients, and are extremely time consuming to make - each edition takes upwards of 30 hours to make. I've always tried to retail them for a little as possible while still making a profit, but for the next few weeks, they're more or less a loss leader to get the word out. Everybody who's ever tried these shadows are totally in love with them - they're very buildable, and darn near waterproof! If you've tried them, reviewed them, or had them on your eyes by any other method, please post your opinion on the product page, and be eligible for the Deluxe 10 Brush Set giveaway!

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