Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Goodwill Towards Others Post

This one has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, shopping, or my products. The end of 2008 is drawing near, and it's time to reflect on your good fortunes, and remember those who are not as fortunate as you. I am blessed with health, happiness, family, a roof over my head, and food in my stomach. There are many out there with none of these most important things in life.

A gentleman named Mark Horvath works with the homeless people of Los Angeles - he's trying to buy them raincoats, which for many homeless, is all the shelter they may have. Watch some of the videos he has posted on his invisiblepeople.tv blog - it is truly heartwarming what this man does for those less fortunate.

Michael Buckingham of Holy Cow Creative is collecting donations to send Mark money for those raincoats. His post, I'm Dreaming of a Dry Christmas, has a link to donate (he's collecting through January 1st). On his post, his goal of 100 coats has been reached. There are far many more homeless in LA than the 100, and I challenge everyone to make that 500 coats. $4.29 is all that it costs to buy a raincoat. I bought 5. Will you buy 5 as well?

Friday, December 26, 2008

25% Off!

Cream to Powder Eye Shadow PalettesI know the economy is down (significantly), and we all have less to spend. For a limited time only, our Cream to Powder 10 Shadow Palettes are now fire sale priced at 25% off! These palettes are made of very expensive ingredients, and are extremely time consuming to make - each edition takes upwards of 30 hours to make. I've always tried to retail them for a little as possible while still making a profit, but for the next few weeks, they're more or less a loss leader to get the word out. Everybody who's ever tried these shadows are totally in love with them - they're very buildable, and darn near waterproof! If you've tried them, reviewed them, or had them on your eyes by any other method, please post your opinion on the product page, and be eligible for the Deluxe 10 Brush Set giveaway!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Kick Ass (and proudly)

Featured in Alltop

My blog is listed in Alltop! I now proudly wear the badge of confirmation that I kick ass in Alltop's beauty section. Either that, or they're letting the riff-raff in. What is Alltop? Alltop scours all the top feeds all over the internet, and groups them into categories - not only beauty, but hundreds of categories from as generic as "shopping" to esoteric like "World of Warcraft". Select your interest (it may be a sport, a country, an event - it's a section in Alltop), and scan the headlines in that section. See something that catches your interest? Just mouse over the link and you'll get a popout of a brief summary of the post so you can decide if you want to read further or not. Check it out: visit http://beauty.alltop.com/ and see if you can find me (hint: keep scrolling down).

DECEMBER 24TH EDIT: We're now not only listed in Alltop's beauty section, but they've also added us to the hugely popular shopping section! Find us here as well: http://shopping.alltop.com/. Go me :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

FREE Giveaway!

We're giving away this 10 piece super deluxe brush set to a good home.

This 10 brush set, with a snap leatherette case, retails for $60.00. Brushes included are:
  • Powder Brush (first cut goat hair);
  • Blush Brush (first cut goat hair);
  • Eye Shadow Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Concealer Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Angle Shadow Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Angle Lip Brush (Taklon);
  • Fan Brush (Taklon);
  • Lip Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Eyeliner Brush (first cut pony hair);
  • Sponge Shadow Brush

No purchase is necessary. So how do you get it? Visit our website, select any product you've ordered, and leave a review on the website for that product. Then come back here and leave a comment where you left the review. You can only leave one comment per individual item, but you can leave multiple comments for different products. Each comment counts as a seperate entry. The winner will be selected randomly from the entries on Jan 7th. This might become a regular quarterly thing!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twittering With ToysRUs

If you're reading this blog post, you're likely to be one of my pals on Twitter - or you came from my website. For the handful of you who came from the website and haven't a clue what Twitter is, it's sort of like AIM meets Facebook with some LinkedIn thrown in for good measure. It's like blogging in 140 characters or less. Like Facebook, your network grows often by "following" people who have common interests or following the people your friends are following. I "tweet" far too much - according to Tweetwasters, my little 140 character blurbs have taken a full 1.18 days to type. Rather amazing that I enjoy it since I can't seem to do anything in 140 characters or less - which I'm sure you've noticed.

One way of gaining followers, or even finding people to tweet to is to have an alert set up for certain words. Obviously, I have an alert set up for the word PurelyCosmetics and the phrase "Purely Cosmetics". Apparently, ToysRUs has one set up to auto follow anyone who mentions their name, or at least who mentions it a set amount of times.
On Black Friday, I had made several references to the shooting at the ToysRUs store in Palm Desert, Calif, followed by a ton more the next day when I found out that my in-laws were in the store at the time of the shootings (gak!). Suddenly, I got an email notification that I was now being followed by a Tweeter named Toysrusonline. I didn't think much of it; the Dow500 and Barak Obama follow me as well. Trust me, our President-Elect does not read my 20 odd tweets a day. So I figured that ToysRUs had a robot type twitter account who's sole purpose is to monitor what's being said about them. WRONG.

A week ago, I tweeted this: "Off to brave Toys R Us. Wish me luck". Toysrusonline wished me "Happy Shopping" within minutes of my tweet. I was pretty shocked, as I was sure that this was a robot! So I tested them: I'd been on a quest for knowledge of what the "cool" toys for 5 year old boys was for my nephew's gift, and wasn't getting much in the way of answers from the Twitterverse. I sent a post via text message from my cell phone while in the parking lot of the store. Before I was in the store very long, I already received a message back with a link to some suggestions. Unfortunately, the ToysRUs in my neighborhood had a wide selection of "out of stock", but that wasn't her fault. If you look through her posts, toysrusonline let's you know that they've just gotten in more Wii Fits, listens to irate people who expect their online credit card charges to be reversed even before they've finished their transaction, and lets you know about deals and steals. She's truly amazing. There are quite a few brand names on Twitter: CNN, for example has 14,820 people following them, but follows back only 6. That's a robot posting the latest news (which comes in handy, but it's not the personal interaction that makes Twitter so fun). If you look at toysrusonline's tweets, a significant portion of them begin with @someone's name - meaning they are replying directly to that person about something. In the height of the holiday season, where one would think that anyone who is even remotely associated with Toys R Us is about to pull their hair out, she remains cheerful, personable, helpful, and even tempered.

@Toysrusonline's boss: you need to give this gal a raise. And have her train the rest of your muckity-mucks how to use social media. For those of you who came to this blog from the website, join Twitter and follow me!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Can ya tell I'm a little excited? Elke Von Freudenberg, the celebrity makeup artist, creator of The Model Brow, founder of the Beauty Blog Network has reviewed my products!
Purely Cosmetics review by Elke Von Freudenberg

I've been in awe of Elke since the day I started in this business, and cannot possibly tell you how flattered and honored I am. Read her full review here.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Holiday Blues Strike Again

Jami, the Bionic-Beauty did a gorgeous look with our eye shadows! She "says" she's no makeup artist, and just did an everyday look. I think the colors look fantabulous (my new word for the day) on her!

Bionic-Beauty.com reviews PurelyCosmetics Eye Shadows Eyeshadow Reviews
* reprinted with permission Bionic-Beauty.com
Don't let anyone tell you that blue is not "in"! Read her full post, which shades she used, and how she applied it here.

Darn, I Missed World Aids Day :(

Yesterday's Cyber Monday sale was such a huge success that not only did it look like the FedEx hub here, but I missed the Bloggers Unite for World Aids Day. The purpose of the day was to raise awareness of AIDS with the help of all the bloggers out there spreading the word. I'm doing my bit, even if it is a day late - better late than not at all.

I know that this blog is primarily a beauty blog, mostly relating to my products and announcements, but AIDS is a topic near and dear to my heart, and I feel the need to do my part. If I reach just one person, it's worth it. My brother had AIDS, so I do this post in Roger's memory. I lost my brother Roger in April of 1995. He didn't die of AIDS, but died in a paragliding accident - perhaps though, this was a blessing in disguise. He died doing something he loved rather than the long, painful suffering he would have faced in the not too distant future had he lived. And our memory of him is one of someone happy and relatively healthy instead of a skeleton of the man he had been, ravaged by disease and pain.

As much as everyone thinks they know about HIV and AIDS, it still goes largely unchecked worldwide. For 27 years, HIV/AIDS has been a diagnosed disease. Our children and many adults have never known a world without it; that's a scary thought. I can't speak for other schools, but I was very disappointed that when my daughter took Health (aka Sex Ed) in junior high school, they were taught abstinence. To me, you're putting your head in the sand if you try to teach children that you shouldn't have sex until you're married. How many of you out there were virgins when you married? By teaching only abstinence, you're not teaching prevention. Cover your bases. There are kids out there who will have sex before they're married. Yours may be one of them, regardless of your own personal beliefs. Don't you want them to know about safe sex in the event that your child becomes sexually active prior to marriage? This isn't a case of "it only happens to gays". Anyone can contract AIDS or become HIV positive; it isn't a disease that discriminates. We tried to teach our daughter this but since, like the Peanuts comic strip, parents tend to say only "blah, blah, blah", the more mouths they hear it from, the better the chance that it will sink in. Take it even a step further - both my husband and I were tested for AIDS before we got married. One may know that they practiced safe sex, but you can't speak for the others you may partner with. It's a domino effect, and I'd have been acting unresponsibly by not being tested.

Teach your children. Spread the word. Donate to the cause. Do something to help stop this spread of disaster and suffering.

Roger, I'll always love and miss you.

I've said my peace. Now I'll get off my soapbox and return to regularly scheduled programming!


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