Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Kick Ass (and proudly)

Featured in Alltop

My blog is listed in Alltop! I now proudly wear the badge of confirmation that I kick ass in Alltop's beauty section. Either that, or they're letting the riff-raff in. What is Alltop? Alltop scours all the top feeds all over the internet, and groups them into categories - not only beauty, but hundreds of categories from as generic as "shopping" to esoteric like "World of Warcraft". Select your interest (it may be a sport, a country, an event - it's a section in Alltop), and scan the headlines in that section. See something that catches your interest? Just mouse over the link and you'll get a popout of a brief summary of the post so you can decide if you want to read further or not. Check it out: visit and see if you can find me (hint: keep scrolling down).

DECEMBER 24TH EDIT: We're now not only listed in Alltop's beauty section, but they've also added us to the hugely popular shopping section! Find us here as well: Go me :)

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