Thursday, November 06, 2008

Better than Woot's Bag of Crap!

My friend Elke posted on one of her blogs about a new way to try stuff: My Pretty Pink Box.

Some of you know I'm a huge fan of Woot, and there's nothing more coveted than their Bag of Crap. Like Woot, My Pretty Pink Box is a mystery purchase, but instead of a 2005 calendar or a telephone handset (missing the base), it's filled with all sorts of girly girl items. It's a great way to try new and different things, besides being just plain fun to see what you get! Most of the items in the box will be sample sizes, but there's usually a couple of full sized items in there as well. Just like the Woot's holy grail Bandolier of Carrots selling out before you can bat an eyelash,'s box sold out last month in under a week. November's will be released on November 13th. If you want a reminder email the evening before to purchase a box, click here. I can guarantee you some good stuff in there! Maybe even some full sized stuff from PurelyCosmetics (wink, wink) :-)

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