Monday, October 06, 2008

They're New, They're Cool, They're Limited Editions!

The Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Palettes are finally done! I've posted about these before, and finally got them up on the website. These shadows are hand-crafted in very small batches, so each is a limited edition.

A Cream to Powder Eye Shadow is a semi-solid shadow. It's like a firm cream (you could dig a fingernail into it) in it's palette, but once applied to the skin, it instantly becomes a powder. Applied with a foiling brush, sponge applicator (included), or even your fingers, you control how much pigmentation you want, as it's very buildable. I had my daughter "road test" these shadows by wearing them to her daily 2 hour swim practice, and she came home with the colors still fully intact.

These shadows are available in Duo Mirrored Compacts with 2 applicators, or in 10 Tin Palettes. The wells on the palettes are larger than your MAC tins, measuring 1 3/8" in diameter. The Duos come in the following color combinations: Cherry Marmalade/Copper, Forged Gold/Plum, Gunmetal/Slate Blue, and Bronzed Brown/Grape, and retail for $15.95 each.

The 10 tin palettes include Slate Blue, Gunmetal, Copper, Cherry Marmalade, Forged Gold, Pink, Grape, Plum, Bronzed Brown and Jeweled Emerald, and retail for $34.99. For those of you who like to press your own shadows, the 10 tin palettes are also available empty (the case and 10 tins) for $12.95. The wells are larger than the MAC tins, measuring 1 3/8" (36mm) in diameter.


  1. OOH! That puff jar is neat and I love the sleek packaging!!!!

  2. OK then! I'll get a couple and see how they go. You twist to open/close, so way less mess :-)


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