Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Release: 2nd Edition of Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Palette

Just released! We've sold out of the First Edition of the 10 slot Cream to Powder palettes (though most of the shades from that collection are still available in limited quantities in Duo Compacts. The 2nd Limited Edition shades have just been released. The new colors include (starting from the top row, left of the palette):
  • Mauve
  • 24 Karat (lots of gold sparkles)
  • Soft Russet Brown
  • Truly Turquoise
  • Evening Plum (mysterious highlights of green when it catches the light)
  • Golden Coral (pink, orange, and gold highlights)
  • Garnet (red/bronze shade)
  • Beige Frost (moderate shimmer in a neutral tone)
  • Pewter (light shade of antiqued silver)
  • Snowflake (high white shimmer - great for highlighting)

No matter how I try to photograph these, they just don't do them justice. Many have hidden undertones when catching the light - hence the descriptions next to the shade names. My personal favorites are the Mauve and the Golden Coral, with Garnet running a close 2nd.

These Cream to Powder shadows, in addition to being nearly waterproof (they'll stay on until YOU decide to remove them), are very buildable. Instead of getting highly pigmented colors on your first swipe, you'll get a soft look, suitable for the workplace or more "mature" women. For those who prefer a highly pigmented look, just add another layer or two! These shadows can give you unlimited possibilities when used as a base shade and layered with a loose powdered shadow in a differing color.

The 2nd Edition set also has a few combinations in the Duo Compact: Snowflake/Pewter, Golden Coral/Mauve (how could I not put my favorites into a Duo?), and Garnet/24 Karat.

These Cream to Powder Shadows make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the holidays, but get them while you can!

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