Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Foundation Travel Jars - $28.00 or $7.50??

Bare Escentuals® came out with a new "Beauty on the Go" kit to help you travel with your makeup. There's nothing worse than carrying around a sifter jar in your purse and have the top come loose. Even if the top stays on, when you open the lid, WATCH OUT! Powder flies everywhere. For $28, you get their new baby buki and a refillable storage area with a flip top that when open acts as a surface to swirl and tap. And a mirror, of course. This is supposed to be a mini version of their Flawless Face Case, but from the reviews I've read, it's pretty bulky. And for $28, it should have gold dust in it! Real gold dust - preferably 18 karat.

mineral makeup travel jars On the other hand, we've just introduced our version of a travel jar for your mineral makeup. This handy-dandy jar will hold about 3 grams of foundation, has a locking mechanism that you twist to open or close, and an attached puff to touch up your makeup. Oh - and also with a mirror, though it's on the top of the jar and much smaller. Simply fill the base with your favorite touch up: foundation, blush, etc, screw on the top and snap on the lid cover. When you want to use it, turn the dial from "closed" to "open", invert the jar and tap a few times to get the product onto the sponge applicator, lift the protective cover, and voila! Touch up, up and away! Once you're done, snap the sturdy, protective cap back over the sponge, dial to "close", throw in purse.

So let's recap these purse options: bulky Bare Escentuals®, Beauty on the Go, $28. Purely Cosmetics Puff Travel Jar, $7.50. Hmmmm.... $28.00 or $7.50 - does this take thought?

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