Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Release: 2nd Edition of Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Palette

Just released! We've sold out of the First Edition of the 10 slot Cream to Powder palettes (though most of the shades from that collection are still available in limited quantities in Duo Compacts. The 2nd Limited Edition shades have just been released. The new colors include (starting from the top row, left of the palette):
  • Mauve
  • 24 Karat (lots of gold sparkles)
  • Soft Russet Brown
  • Truly Turquoise
  • Evening Plum (mysterious highlights of green when it catches the light)
  • Golden Coral (pink, orange, and gold highlights)
  • Garnet (red/bronze shade)
  • Beige Frost (moderate shimmer in a neutral tone)
  • Pewter (light shade of antiqued silver)
  • Snowflake (high white shimmer - great for highlighting)

No matter how I try to photograph these, they just don't do them justice. Many have hidden undertones when catching the light - hence the descriptions next to the shade names. My personal favorites are the Mauve and the Golden Coral, with Garnet running a close 2nd.

These Cream to Powder shadows, in addition to being nearly waterproof (they'll stay on until YOU decide to remove them), are very buildable. Instead of getting highly pigmented colors on your first swipe, you'll get a soft look, suitable for the workplace or more "mature" women. For those who prefer a highly pigmented look, just add another layer or two! These shadows can give you unlimited possibilities when used as a base shade and layered with a loose powdered shadow in a differing color.

The 2nd Edition set also has a few combinations in the Duo Compact: Snowflake/Pewter, Golden Coral/Mauve (how could I not put my favorites into a Duo?), and Garnet/24 Karat.

These Cream to Powder Shadows make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the holidays, but get them while you can!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Foundation Travel Jars - $28.00 or $7.50??

Bare Escentuals® came out with a new "Beauty on the Go" kit to help you travel with your makeup. There's nothing worse than carrying around a sifter jar in your purse and have the top come loose. Even if the top stays on, when you open the lid, WATCH OUT! Powder flies everywhere. For $28, you get their new baby buki and a refillable storage area with a flip top that when open acts as a surface to swirl and tap. And a mirror, of course. This is supposed to be a mini version of their Flawless Face Case, but from the reviews I've read, it's pretty bulky. And for $28, it should have gold dust in it! Real gold dust - preferably 18 karat.

mineral makeup travel jars On the other hand, we've just introduced our version of a travel jar for your mineral makeup. This handy-dandy jar will hold about 3 grams of foundation, has a locking mechanism that you twist to open or close, and an attached puff to touch up your makeup. Oh - and also with a mirror, though it's on the top of the jar and much smaller. Simply fill the base with your favorite touch up: foundation, blush, etc, screw on the top and snap on the lid cover. When you want to use it, turn the dial from "closed" to "open", invert the jar and tap a few times to get the product onto the sponge applicator, lift the protective cover, and voila! Touch up, up and away! Once you're done, snap the sturdy, protective cap back over the sponge, dial to "close", throw in purse.

So let's recap these purse options: bulky Bare Escentuals®, Beauty on the Go, $28. Purely Cosmetics Puff Travel Jar, $7.50. Hmmmm.... $28.00 or $7.50 - does this take thought?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Customers Know How To Make My Day!

With all the busy lives we lead, and the little free time we have, most people will contact a company only if it meets a need for them: they have a question and need clarification, or have a complaint and need a resolution. When was the last time you took time out of your hectic day just to tell someone how much you like their products or services? I've received several such emails just this week alone, that it warms the cockles of my heart.
I wish everyone would leave reviews on the website, but for some reason, most don't. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the wonderfully kind words I've received this week - and to use it as an opportunity for you to get some unsolicited, totally unbiased reviews of PurelyCosmetics' products.

Shelly sent me an unexpected email on Wednesday after receiving her samples:

I just had to tell you how happy I am with your products! I've never written in like this before, but I guess I've never had a reason to... I've used the one of the "original" mineral make-ups for years now, and recently my face started itcing every day. I found an article comparing ingredients in mineral foundations, and realized that bismuth was my problem. I convinced my mom to try it with me and we ordered some samples last week. I love them! We just placed our first regular order, and I'm already planning on what else I'm going to try. I just wish I didn't have to wait 3-5 days and could buy your products in a store! My face does not itch any more, and the color is perfect. I've even noticed that my dry patches look better, and I am not oily late in the day.Great products! I am going to tell everyone I know to order from your website!Thank you so much for what you do!

Linda wrote the very next day:


I recently purchased eye makeup from your site and am very happy with the

Do you carry a mauve eye shadow (or something very close to it)?


(after receiving my recommendations, she writes back):

You have awesome products that I will gladly recommend to others!

Linda has been a longtime customer, writes me today out of the blue:

I am 54 years old and have combination/still sometimes problematic skin (How can you have wrinkles and pimples at the same time - it isn't fair!!.) I just wanted to say I love your products. I use the Oil Absorb, the silk powder, the loose powder base and your incredible eye shadows. My skin has never been more clear, less shiny with no patchy dry spots. Not too long ago, I ran out and impatiently went to get Bare Minerals locally. MY SKIN HATED IT!!

Anyway, thank you for providing a product that is truly wonderful!


To have such wonderful comments sent to me on consecutive days really made my week! I can tell you 'till I'm blue in the face that I make a good product, but I'm absolutely tickled pink to have my customers tell me that!

Monday, October 06, 2008

They're New, They're Cool, They're Limited Editions!

The Cream to Powder Eye Shadow Palettes are finally done! I've posted about these before, and finally got them up on the website. These shadows are hand-crafted in very small batches, so each is a limited edition.

A Cream to Powder Eye Shadow is a semi-solid shadow. It's like a firm cream (you could dig a fingernail into it) in it's palette, but once applied to the skin, it instantly becomes a powder. Applied with a foiling brush, sponge applicator (included), or even your fingers, you control how much pigmentation you want, as it's very buildable. I had my daughter "road test" these shadows by wearing them to her daily 2 hour swim practice, and she came home with the colors still fully intact.

These shadows are available in Duo Mirrored Compacts with 2 applicators, or in 10 Tin Palettes. The wells on the palettes are larger than your MAC tins, measuring 1 3/8" in diameter. The Duos come in the following color combinations: Cherry Marmalade/Copper, Forged Gold/Plum, Gunmetal/Slate Blue, and Bronzed Brown/Grape, and retail for $15.95 each.

The 10 tin palettes include Slate Blue, Gunmetal, Copper, Cherry Marmalade, Forged Gold, Pink, Grape, Plum, Bronzed Brown and Jeweled Emerald, and retail for $34.99. For those of you who like to press your own shadows, the 10 tin palettes are also available empty (the case and 10 tins) for $12.95. The wells are larger than the MAC tins, measuring 1 3/8" (36mm) in diameter.


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