Monday, August 11, 2008

The Ultimate in Primers: Silk & Pearl Powder

Primers, in general, aren't very good for your face. They're great in providing a moisture barrier to keep your foundation from soaking into your skin, but they aren't very good for your skin. Look at your favorite primer that you currently use: I'm willing to bet you that one of the main ingredients is either silicone, dimethicone, or some other silicone derivative in it. Yes, they are good at keeping things from soaking into your skin, but that's because they block your pores. Would you want to put Vaseline on your face? Silicone and it's derivatives essentially acheive the same end - they prevent your skin from breathing. What's worse, is that they've been linked to breast cancer. Can you say, "no thanks"?

We did just the opposite. We've created a new primer that is actally beneficial for you. Made of only the finest and highest end ingredients, our primer is composed of pure silk powder, natural pearl powder, and allantoin. Pearl powder has long been an ancient Chinese skin care use. Not only does it contain essential amino acids and calcium, it acts as an anti-inflammatory and aids in reducing redness, helps reduce hyperpigmentation and evens out skin tones, and smooths the texture of your skin while moisturizing it as well. The allantoin, extracted from the comfrey root, stimulates growth of healty tissue, has soothing and healing properties, and is an anti-irritant. Pure silk powder also has essential amino acids, and like pearl powder, absorbs excess oils while moisturizing at the same time (perfect for combination skin). Silk reflects UVA and UVB rays, providing additional protection from sun damage.

Our Silk & Pearl Powder primer reduces the visibility of pores and fine lines, leaves your skin feeling as smooth as a baby's bottom. It is available in two formulas: Normal-Dry skin, and Normal-Oily skin. If you are unsure which skin type you are, it is recommended to use the Normal-Oily skin with our Skin Smoothing foundation formula (otherwise, it may feel a bit too heavy), and the Normal-Dry skin with our regular formula. Either can be used with the regular formula with Pure Silk added.

Not only does this Silk & Pearl primer acheive the visible results for which you're using a primer to begin with, but it is so nourishing and good for your skin that I've taken to wearing a layer to bed. After one week, I already notice a significant difference in how smooth the texture of my skin is!


  1. Hi Robyn,

    I'm researching about mineral finishing powders that are beneficial for my mom, who's 55 years old, with dry skin living in a tropical climate.

    I came across your blog post about your silk/pearl primer and the benefits of its ingredients. I'm just a little confused right now as to whether they're good for dry and mature skin. I also read about a MMU recipe in an EDS forum thread.

    My question is if a recipe of silk/pearl(/zinc oxide/titanium dioxide) is still recommended for dry and mature skin?

    I hope you receive this in good health and I really appreciate any help regarding this matter. Thanks!! :)

    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Michelle,
    I've answered your question on your email you sent, but I'll post it here as well so that anyone else might also benefit from both the question and the answer.

    I'm 50 years old, full of wrinkles, and have very dry skin. I wear my silk & pearl powder primer as a primer, and also before going to sleep. It's actually even helped even my skin tone quite a bit. I wouldn't use a recipe that also contains titanium dioxide and/or zinc as a finishing powder (I wouldn't even use my primer as a finishing powder), as it'll be too lightening. Beneath a foundation is fine - so long as there isn't too much zinc or titanium dioxide. Use just silk powder alone as a finishing powder - it's more translucent. Both the silk and pearl powders have essential amino acids, will hydrate skin where needed, and absorb excess moisture at the same time - which is perfect for humid weather.

  3. How does the pearl acts on skin and what are the benifits we can get from pearl Abhijit India

  4. Hi Anonymous -
    Pearl powder is an "ancient Chinese secret". Pearl powder has long been known to help heal skin redness, smooth & refine skin texture, and regulate skin discolorations. I even wear this primer to bed after washing my face, and my age spots are definately lightening!


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