Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So I Went to the MAC counter....

All this hullabaloo about MAC! MAC, MAC, MAC. Every beauty blog raves about MAC! So I strolled over to the MAC counter yesterday (well, I ran to the counter to match someone's shades who wants to review my products). I went, I saw, I played. What's up with MAC that you guys are so hyped up about? OK, granted I'm a little biased - and it's really, really hard for a Jew to get excited about paying retail for something I make myself and make better. Yes, they have a boatload of colors - almost an overwhelming array. Yet you guys know by heart each and every color and shade name, and know the new ones before they've hit the stores, anxiously awaiting their arrivals. All the hype over the Starflash - it just seemed like more shadows to me! I guess you notice the difference in texture if you wear the rest of the products on a daily basis and the MAC counter gals remember your birthday, but to me? Another blue, purple, grey, brown or black. Didn't feel particuarly "special" to me.

I understand the colors are highly pigmented. For you 20-somethings, this is good. For us who's lives are nearly half over (shudder), highly pigmented makes us look like clowns! That's why most of my eye shadows are not so pigmented - they give you the flexibility to wear them dry and carry it off, or foil them for that dramatic look. There was a woman shopping there at the same time, and I asked her what it was about MAC that makes her drool. "Everything lasts so long!", she replied. Yeah, well, so does mine! I just don't have the beaucoup bucks for slick packaging and a huge marketing department with an endless budget.

I noticed that Vanessa always uses a paint pot under her shadows as a primer, so I thought, maybe I'll check those out. I don't have any primers in my line. There was only one shade that I could conceiveably use on a daily basis - Painterly - but even that was kinda pink if you're wearing a neutral shade. BUT... all is not lost. I did buy the shadow paint in Bare Canvass, and so far, so good. It will probably go in the drawer with my Borghese shadow primer within another few days though. I just don't wear shadow primers!

At least now I don't feel left out. I officially own a MAC product.


  1. I do like some MAC products, but I also have a Pro Card, which makes it much more affordable. I love other brands more, like Urban Decay, which do not offer a pro discount, and Benefit, which does, but it is not as big of a discount. I heart the Benefit Cream Creaseless Shadow/Liners much more than MAC Paint Pots. Make Up For Ever is one of my all time fave brands, and they really offer great pro products, much more innovative than anyone else right now. Plus NARS, Dior, oh the list goes on and on. So although I do like MAC, they are definitely other brands I love more!! It's all marketing baby!!

    Big hugs,
    Critty :)

  2. OK, so how do I get this Pro card? Yeah, that's my biggest problem: it's all marketing! I spend my efforts on my quality and can't spread myself thin enough to do everything. Oh well, one day I'm gonna be famous! :)

  3. You are already famous in my book, and I too am starting to dislike MAC, if it just wasn't so affordable in comparison to the brands at Sephora. BUT alas, thank God for mineral makeup!

  4. OOH! And congrats on your first paint pot!

  5. Didn't get the paint pot - not a neutral enough color, but I did get the shadow paint (bare canvass). I felt like I had to have something MAC so I wasn't left out! :)

  6. Yep good points you mentioned. And that's true... it's all marketing on MAC's part and the fact that there's forums and youtube channels to enable people into buying it. I'm trying to stray away from the brand as well just because of the amount they're charging their customers. Sometimes I wonder how I got sucked into the whole MAC cult in the first place. But I'm glad I found mineral makeup up though! And I'm even more stoked that now I can press them :). Oh and Happy Birthday. I saw Nessa's post on that :). Will definitely check out your products.

  7. Thanks Anne. Sad when you get more online birthday wishes than in 3D life, huh? There's some good stuff in there, so Happy Hunting!

  8. Hi Robyn. First time reading your blog and it's cool. About the MAC, those people are what I call MAC collectors, they collect and collect this products as in an addiction is overpowering them. I see many many You Tube videos in whick they show their makeup collection of MAC anf half the thinks are still brand new, never been used, just there, but they just had to have it. They don't sell them, they just collect them. Which is sad to me because the economy is not that good. I have some makeup and I use everything, if I don't need it, I don't buy it. I loveeeee makeup and yes I which I have a lot of them in other to create many looks not only to collect them, but I have a child, makeup has to come after my child needs so I try to buy things that I know that I for sure will use. I use all kinds of brands and prices depending in what I think is worth it. Thank you.

  9. Think there should be a 12-Step MAC program? "Hi, My name is XXX. I'm a MAC-aholic". ROFL

    I've got a fair amount of unused or "gently used" products myself, but usually they're the freebies with purchase, or they came out a color different than what I thought they'd be.

    I'm glad you enjoy my blog, and hope you come back to visit!

  10. Hi Robyn,
    Happy Bday and I just ordered from your site to avail of the free shipping :-)
    I agree totally about MAC. It's all hype & packaging. At first I went nuts over the array of eyeshadow colours. That lasted a total of about 5 months. Then I started noticing they release shades that are practically identical or pretty close to ones they already have or had in previous campaigns ie. Mauvement & Satin Taupe.
    It used to be better when it was a Canadian company. Estee Lauder ruined it.

  11. I used to like mac, until I realized it make my eyes burn and cry for no reason. That's my 2 cents, overpriced chemicals.


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