Friday, August 29, 2008

Hi, my name is Robyn, and I'm an Addict.

I've decided I'm totally out of control, and need a 12 step program. Most of you guys are MAC-aholics; I'm a coloraholic. Which is pretty bad when you're color wheel retarded like me. I've been reorganizing my cabinets and drawers to make room for all the ingredients I've been acquiring. This is only part of my stuff:

I counted how many different mica colors I have - 81!! This doesn't include the white base powders that go into almost everything, like zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, or even silk powder. This is just the colored stuff used for blushes, eye shadows, bronzers, and even to tint foundations. I have a bazillion different kinds of whites: sparkly white, pearl white, white that shifts to green in the light, or to blue, red, copper, gold, green, or pink. 7 different gold micas, ranging in depth from 24 karat gold to a more deep, antique gold. 23 different shades of red/pink/brick - and that's not counting the endless shades of bronze. Throw in another 8-10 different shades each of blues, greens, purples - even blacks and silvers. Every finish known to man: pearly finishes, high sparkle, low luster, flat colors... I've used not even half of these colors!

That's where you come in. Tell me what colors you want for the fall/holiday season. Want more blues? Dark or light? Blues that change to black, or blues that change to purple? I probably have a blue that changes to stark white in here somewhere! Can I interest you in a mauve or wine shade or three? Tell me what you have a hankering for, and I'll make it. I'm feeling an eye shadow binge coming up. Just don't ask me to match a MAC shade - I'm color wheel retarded, remember?

The only thing I dread about doing shadows is not making them - it's the photographing, then adding to the site. I don't just add it to the eye shadow pages, I have to add every option to each of the kits as well.

And for those of you who got some of the samples of the "nameless" magic eye shadow formulation, how do you like it? Want more in that texture, or more in loose powder?

I refuse to buy any more colors. Just because I got a deal doesn't make it a necessity. I can understand why I have 400 pairs of jeans: you need light, dark, medium, and comfy in small, medium, and large sizes. With different leg widths for each, of course. My daughter needs 35 white shirts, all either tank tops or camis - I'm not altogether sure why, but who am I to comment when I have 81 different colors of micas???


  1. OOH Fall colors are so in right now! The deep browns, burgundy, burnt golds! I am also a sucker for greens! OMG you should have like a fall look challenge or something!

    And yes! OMG it feels good to just write and not worry about people "hating" on your opinions or whatnot and to be able to cuss like a sailor!

  2. I should have a mica party! I'll bring the micas, someone else the munchies, and we'll make concoctions all night!

  3. hahaha that sounds like fun! Oh and I forgot to answer your MAC swatch chart question, the only place I know they have it is online but those aren't accurate much, maybe try calling MAC to see if they have one?

  4. I love your blog! Happy belated birthday :) x

  5. Good idea, Nessa! I hope they don't ask me if I'm a MAC Pro member. I was thinking of going to Topanga Plaza today to grab the couple of BE colors I'm missing. Maybe I'll bring some white paper and just hang out at Macy's swatching them myself. The sales people will think I'm retarded, but that wouldn't be a first!

  6. Hi Robyn! I've recieved the little package of joy you've sent out and I LOVE the mystery color way more than the color that I've actually picked out! I would like to see more mauve/purple/burgungy colors. That would be awesome! Color changins hues sounds pretty neat too. =)

  7. Congrats, Beauty Blender Winner! I usually like my mystery colors better too - I'll be playing around, create something really cool, only to be unable to recreate it because I was only playing around, and didn't take notes! ARGH!

    More mauves and burgundys are coming! Right now, I've got 4 shades I'm testing out in that new "don't know what to name it formula" eye shadow - the cream to powder one. So far, a cherry-copper kinda color, a taupey-bronze, a slate pearl blue, and an emerald green that needs some more work. Right now, it's more of a cross between emerald and olive, LOL!


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