Monday, August 18, 2008

Foundation Sampling on a Shoestring Budget

I've always disliked getting samples in a little baggie - eye shadows are ok that way, since you can just dip your brush right into the baggie, but I'm not coordinated enough to tap out foundation powders from a mini-ziploc. So they've never been offered as a method of sampling until today. There are many of you who prefer to sample many different companies and many different types of products. Having a generously sized sample isn't as important as just enough to determine shade and texture and a low price.

The 3 pack sample Econo Packs are now an option for ordering foundation samples. The Econo Packs are smaller tester sizes of our foundations, with each containing about 0.4 grams (the jar sized samples contain a full gram), packed in heavy-duty ziploc baggies for $5/3 samples. Because much more of the powder will stick to the baggie than our sample jars, in addition to being smaller in net weight, you will not get as many applications as you will from the 3 pack jars. Each baggie is enough for 3-4 applications; a jar could last as long as a month. BUT, there's a big price savings - 3 baggies are $5; 3 sample jars is $12.

Unfortunately, we can only offer our foundations in the Econo Packs. All of our other items available for sampling (Oil Absorb, Silk Powder, Silk & Pearl Primer, etc) have too much adhesion to effectively sample from a baggie - waaay too much would stick to the bag!


  1. Hello there! Haha no he didn't really ask (whew!) but it was pretty funny! AND I actually DID have clam chowder in a bread bowl!!! How funny! And it was mighty yummy! There is an IECSC show next year in Las Vegas, are you planning on going to that one?

  2. I'm game! Dates? You've gotta clue me in on this super secret project of yours...

  3. Hello, I came across your blog through another blog. It's cool that you have your own mineral makeup company. I'm a huge fan of online mineral company vs. retail stores.

  4. Hi Fab - Glad to have you here! You must be a friend if Vanessa's? I love having my own company - it's a LOT of hard work, but a lot of fun as well!


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