Thursday, July 31, 2008

Beauty Blender - The $20 Pink Egg

I've been meaning to write this article for days, and just haven't gotten around to it. But just emailing with Vanessa, got me to start writing about this gizmo. OK, it's not the article I was intending to write (and still will, eventually), but where better to start than my own blog that is in serious need of updating anyway?

I've been hearing about the Beauty Blender for quite awhile, but couldn't imagine spending so much on a sponge! Especially given that I really love brushes. Lots and lots of brushes! But my curiousity got the better of me, and I hopped down the street to plunk down my $20 for a pink egg after reading nothing but rave reviews on it. People weren't joking! The Beauty Blender is great for all sorts of people:
  • For those who find natural hair brushes too harsh, or are allergic to animal hair, this is a great alternative to a synthetic brush - and so soft!
  • Klutz's like me, or anyone who finds that loose powder is messy can appreciate how neatly it picks up the powders without flying everywhere.
  • It's eco-friendly. Enclosed with every blender is a mailing address to mail back your old sponge to be used for recycling.
  • It's latex-free, hypo-allergenic, and easy to clean and care for.

How does this thing work? Use the bottom side of the egg to apply foundation or blush. Dip into your powder or liquid foundation, and "bounce" the egg all over your face. Some of you might better recognize the concept as stippling. The smaller tip of the egg is perfect for concealers, under eye applications, around the side of the nose - areas that easily can look caked on if not properly applied. I've even heard people use it to apply eye shadow - though I don't think I have the talent to venture that far. Unlike many sponge applicators, your makeup sits on top of the sponge and isn't soaked into it, so you don't lose a whole lot of product that will never see your face. It's so easy to use, it's almost idiot-proof, and you get a flawless application every time. I say "almost idiot-proof" because it took me several attempts before discovering the you really only want to use the top or bottom of the blender; I had difficulties using the side. Why I even chose to try using the side, I couldn't tell you. It's far more comfortable to hold by the sides!

You can use the Beauty Blender sponge either wet or dry. If you choose to do a wet application, soak the blender under water (and watch it double in size!), gently squeeze out the excess water (rub it in a towel), dip into your liquid or powdered makeup/blush/concealer/bronzer, etc and stipple on. To wash, run it under water, add just a tiny bit of the cleaner (a sample comes with the blender, but any natural soap will work just as well) to the soiled areas, rub ever so gently, and poof! One clean egg, all ready to sit on it's throne (also included).

You can buy the Beauty Blender for $19.99 directly from Purely Cosmetics by clicking here.

So tell me what your experiences are with the Beauty Blender!

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